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Sarahs Cubbyhole
Love writing reviews about popular products that seem to stand the test of time.
Fun and Free Weekend Activities!We're always trying to find things to do when we have a free weekend (not that we have that many, lol!)... and, as we don't always want to spend a lot of money on days out, I have been thinking of ideas for things that we can do for free... so I hope you find my ideas useful: Go for a bike ride If you have bikes, going for a bike ride is a great way to explore your local area. And there are now plenty of off-road cycle routes if you are not keen on cycling with cars whizzing past you... Go for a walk Wherever you live there are always places to walk - in the park, by a river or lake... or you could even go urban exploring and just wander around and see what you find. And don't forget to take your camera to capture all those interesting sights! [caption id=attachment_3954 align=aligncenter width=867] We love going for a walk... even on a winter's day![/caption] Go to the park Wherever you live there is usually a park close by where you can play games, walk or sit and relax... Enjoy your garden Sometimes it's nice just to sit and relax in the garden on a sunny day... or you could get out there and do a bit of gardening. [caption id=attachment_3958 align=aligncenter width=676] I love sitting in my garden...[/caption] Have a craft day Everyone has bits and bobs lying around the house so why not use them to make something together? Or get the paint set out and make a picture. This is a fun activity if the weather is bad and you don't fancy heading out. Find a local museum Lots of museums are free to enter nowadays so make the most of it and see what interesting museums you can find in your area. Visit your local library Local libraries often have events on, so why not check them out. Or just go along, pick up a book and enjoy spending some time reading in peace... Go on a picnic If the weather is good, there is nothing nicer than packing a picnic, grabbing a blanket and finding a nice spot to spend a few hours... [caption id=attachment_1974 align=aligncenter width=872] Picnic by the river...[/caption] Have a movie day If the weather is bad, why not find a movie or two that you've been meaning to watch for ages (let's face it, everyone has a few films they recorded ages ago and never got round to watching), grab the popcorn and settle down for the day... Visit friends or family Why not meet up with family or friends who live locally and enjoy spending some time together? [caption id=attachment_3959 align=aligncenter width=862] It's nice to spend time with family and friends at the weekend... especially when it involves toasting marshmallows![/caption] Camp out in your back garden If the weather is good (or even if it's not if you're feeling brave!), why not pitch a tent in your back garden and pretend you are away... you could even cook your food outside too! Or maybe you could go and wild camp for free somewhere nearby... Volunteer There are lots of volunteering opportunities around from litter picking, to working in charity shops to gardening and everything in between. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your local community as well as offering you the chance to make new friends or learn a new skill... What do you like to do at the weekends? Do you ever have no-spend weekends -if so, what sort of things do you do? Let me know below... Happy Travelling! Kate