Made a "Working" Version of Chess on a Really Big Board in Pythontl;dr: you can download and try the program for yourself below First off, I'm gonna say that I am not a programmer (will get to this later). but recently I've been into big chess variants and I, disappointed with how few options there are to play these variants, decided to make my own. I followed a simple chess GUI and AI tutorial by a Youtuber Eddie Sharick (you can find his channel and tutorialhere ). initial piece setup took some creative liberty and scaled the board to 16x16, and added some classic fairy pieces: * The Chancellor (C), moves like a knight and rook, depicted as a knight with a rook's head as a base * The Archbishop (A), moves like a knight and bishop, depicted as a knight with a bishop's base * The Lance/Amazon (L), moves like a knight and queen, depicted as a knight with a queen's crown * The Ferz (F), moves 1 square diagonally, depicted as a baseless queen * The Mann (M), moves 1 square orthogonally, depicted as a baseless king * The Wazir (Z), moves like a king but is non-royal, depicted as a pentagonal-shaped piece (idk how to call it) * The Alfil (G), leaps and only leaps 2 squares diagonally, depicted as an elephant Pawns can move up to 5 squares on their first move and can only promote to an Amazon. there is no en passant (since the chance of it happening is even more astronomically low than regular chess) nor castling (since you'd have to move like a million pieces just so you can castle). Mr. Sharick (the creator of the code) has stated that he does not want to share his original source code but I guess the changes I made are major enough for me to share my source codehere . One small caveat is the AI is very slow, depth 2 takes a minute just to make a single move, this is because: * I haven't implemented features such as move ordering and transposition tables in the AI, and quite frankly, I don't know how to. * it is written in Python which is in and of itself very inefficient if anyone know ways to improve the AI, or maybe knows how to hook it up to chess fairy AIs like Fairy-Max or SjaakII, that would be appreciated. I also do apologize that some of the code is written in my native language