Who was the Archaeologist at Roswell?If you're familiar with the Roswell story, you will know that a few of the witnesses mentioned seeing an Archaeology professor and students at one of the crash sites. I cannot remember where but I heard that this Archaeologist was most likely from the University of Pennsylvania (i live in philly and love archaeology so this was a very interesting detail to me). From the light reading I've done on Roswell that's the only detail I've found. I haven't any of the books on the topic so I am not sure if there is further speculation on who this mysterious archeologist could be. Please let me know if there are other details out there! I looked into the leadership of the Department of Anthropology at UPenn and found a tantalizing detail that i'm hoping others might know more about. in 1947, the same year of Roswell, there was a huge push to "revitalize" the department and then Acting Director Marian Angell Godfrey was ditched for a man named Froelich G. Rainey. I looked into Rainey and learned he is not your average academic.. He worked for the State Dept. as a Foreign Service Officer during World War 2 and taught at the University of Alaska before suddenly becoming the Director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology. The man was quite reputable and did a lot of good for the institution but I thought his appointment in 1947 was a little intriguing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Froelich_Rainey EDIT: After a little further digging, looks like ufologists who know a lot more about Roswell have determined it was William Curry Holden, director of the Museum of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas (which is very close to Roswell). According to Randle & Schmit, the guys that literally wrote the book on Roswell, Holden, an archaeologist from Lubbock randomly received a deposit of $4,834 to his account on July 15, 1947 (which is more than $50,000 in 2021, probably muuuch more than an archaeologist's salary at the time). The archive which had all his records mysteriously did not have his income taxes from 1947 as well.