Hard Mode Only - A Compilation of Book Bingo RecommendationsLast year I participated in my first Book Bingo and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I finished around the end of the calendar year and had been anxiously awaiting the start of the 2021 experience. I dove in right away and something quite unexpected happened. I am five books deep into Book Bingo, and as I was logging them in my tracking spreadsheet - thanks againu/shift_shaper - I realized that the first five books all met Hard Mode requirements! I posed the question to myself and some friends online - should I do it? Should I commit to Hard Mode this year? My self-doubt and nerves were getting the best of me - could I actually accomplish this seemingly momentous task? u/AccipiterF1 talked me through the idea, basically saying that there are tons of great books out there that fit all the Hard Mode requirements and poking at the places I thought would be especially difficult. After (not a lot) of encouragement, I was sold! And, of course, when I set my mind to something I become fixated and my new obsession has been planning out a Hard Mode Only bingo card! I started looking through the big post of recommendations , plotting my conquest, and realized that it’s more than a bit difficult to tease out which recommendations count for Hard Mode and which do not. And so - BEHOLD - an attempt to create a big list of Hard Mode Only Book Bingo Recommendations. There is a comment below for each square with recommendations I have found thus far or compiled from the original big list of recs. I have left off any squares that are self explanatory or personal, e.g. participating in a read-along, new-to-you author, but the rest are there for folks to comment on and become as obsessed with Hard Mode as I have this year. Enjoy and Happy Reading! Link Index: * A Place for Non-Recommendation Commentary * Five Short Stories: Hard Mode -- An Entire Anthology * Set in Asia: Hard Mode -- Written by an Asian Author * Fantasy A-to-Z Guide: Hard Mode -- Written by a BIPOC Author * Found Family: Hard Mode -- Found Family Features an LGBTQ+ Character * First Person POV: Hard Mode -- More Than One POV * Gothic Fantasy: Hard Mode -- Not on THIS List * Revenge-Seeking Character: Hard Mode -- Revenge Central to the Book * Mystery Plot: Hard Mode -- Not Primary World Urban Fantasy * Published in 2021: Hard Mode -- Author’s Debut Novel * Cat Squasher: Hard Mode -- Over 800 Pages * SFF-Related Nonfiction: Hard Mode -- Published within the Last Five Years * Latinx or Latin American Author: Hard Mode -- Book has Less Than 1000 GR Reviews * Self-Published: Hard Mode -- Book has Less Than 50 GR Ratings * Forest Setting: Hard Mode -- Entire Book in the Forest Setting * Genre Mashup: Hard Mode -- Three or More Genres * Has Chapter Titles: Hard Mode -- Every Chapter has More Than One Word * Title X of Y: Hard Mode -- Title X of Y and Z * First Contact: Hard Mode -- War Does Not Break Out * Trans or Nonbinary Character: Hard Mode -- Characeter is a Main Protagonist * Debut Author: Hard Mode -- Participated on Subreddit AMA * Witches: Hard Mode -- Witch is a Main Protagonist UPDATE: 1:04PM Pacific Time - I think I'm over the half-way mark in consolidating and moving over the hard-mode recs from the big rec thread! Thorough apologies to anyone's recommendation that I may have missed - its a lot to sort through! Also, thanks to everyone that's been helping. This has been such a positive community experience - ALL THE GUSHING! UPDATE: 2:45PM Pacific Time - IT IS DONE! I've moved over everything - to the best of my ability - mistakes were made! - from the big rec, and now we have a one-stop-shop for all things Hard Mode. Thanks to everyone that's been chipping in!