killkiyoshi - Oh Centipede!I hope you guys enjoyed! Song Links: Soundcloud link: Spotify Link: https: Apple Music: Stream my album "Mellodrama" Spotify: Apple Music: SoundCloud: killkiyoshi links: instagram: or @killkiyoshi Soundcloud: Spotify: Apple Music: Lyrics: Lights, Camera, Action let out some compassion I need it tonight Stop, making these things up all the trust has withered to dust He said She said im in pieces, once again Oh she's a cover girl trapped in another world Made it to hell and back, just to relax Oh she's a centipede Adored because she's sweet Don't wanna make her leave so ill retreat I Love the way you move That gentle rhythmic groove So cool so I cant lose so baby lets cruise (Second Half): Facing my demons I don't like it but I try Im an addict as the days go by And I don't know why Scarlet rose you feel Like summer on my skin Cant wait to see how you have been Just where and when I make you cry Every time im near babe I would kill for that feeling you gave cuz it would help save the day oh babe just promise to stay unless you make it all g away