Plan with Me | May 2020 - Little Silver LiningHello my lovely bullet journalers! We’re on our way into a new month and so of course, that means it’s time for a new bullet journal spread! What with all the sunshine and lovely blue skies we’ve been having recently (and as a way of taking my mind off the fact we’re all in quarantine!) I decided to go for a wildflower theme this month. Flowers for me signal new beginnings, gorgeous colours, and new life! That sounded like the sort of vibes I wanted from my journal this month! If you’re looking for an easier setup this month, our Wildflower Theme Printable Pack is now available in the Little Silver Lining shop! So get out your journals and let’s get ready for a new month! May Bullet Journal Supplies As some of you may know, I like to keep things simple in terms of what supplies I use. I’m a big advocate of making beautiful spreads without breaking the bank! So this is a list of the supplies I used to create my spreads: Sakura Pigma Micron Pens (02 and o4) Dual tip coloured brush pens (felt tip pens will work just as well!) Stabilo Boss original pastel highlighters Washi tape Pencil and rubber for sketching outlines Stainless steel ruler Brown Paper for tearing Scissors You will see everything is pretty basic and affordable! A good set of supplies for any avid bullet journaler! May Bullet Journal Setup I had a great time with my pages this month! I wanted to try new things, so adding bits of brown paper to my spreads and trying out new designs was really exciting! Here are a list of the pages I included for May: Collage and Cover Page Monthly Log Goals Page Mood and Habit Trackers Quote Self Care Ideas Brain Dump/Planning Page Weekly Spreads End of Month Review I’ve made a few changes to my setup from last month. Firstly I decided to put my goals page right at the start of my setup. Secondly I included a self care ideas page – I always like to have some form of self care page in my setups but this was a new one for me! I’ve also included an end of month review – I haven’t done one of these for a while so I’m excited to get started with them again! Monthly Log This month I decided to plan my monthly log so that it only covers one page. I usually do these so that they cover a double page but I realised last month that with being at home so much at the moment, I don’t need to record any events in a calendar and anything I need to remember tends to go in my weekly spreads! I do like having a monthly spread however, so I decided to try out this smaller one and I’m really happy with how it turned out! My first column is slightly bigger than the rest which is really annoying – I don’t know how I managed that! But you can hardly notice it, and it still looks good! Hey, we all make mistakes! I’ve used the colours of pink, yellow, and blue a lot throughout this setup. All of the flowers and butterflies are really simple to draw and I think they look great! Goals Page As I mentioned earlier, I decided to put my goals page at the start of my setup this month and I really like how it looks alongside my calendar! I have a section for my monthly goals, affirmations, and I also included a section for me to record what I feel most grateful for at the start of the month. In my end of month review you’ll see that I have a section for gratitude as well so I’ll be able to reflect on how my thoughts might have changed. Again I’ve kept this page in theme by adding different wildflowers, butterflies, and some washi tape. I also included a quote at the top of the page which seemed really appropriate for goal setting… – the secret to getting ahead is getting started – Mood and Habit Tracker As I’m sure you already know, I ALWAYS include mood and habit trackers in my monthly setups! I find mood trackers force me to reflect on how I’m really feeling each day and just help me to make sure that I’m keeping on top of how I’m doing. This month, in keeping with my wildflower theme, each day is a different flower for me to colour in. My habit tracker is also really important for me each month. It helps me stay accountable for those actions I want to turn into everyday habits. These trackers are definitely the most time consuming of my spreads each month but for me they are so worth it! I love looking back at these pages at the end of the month and seeing what I’ve accomplished! If you want to go for something a bit simpler, or if you just find it annoying to have to go back to a certain page each time, I’d recommend adding these trackers to your weekly spreads instead. Personally, monthly trackers work for me but try out different options and see what you prefer! Quote and Self Care Spread I think this might be one of my favourite pages this month! I chose this quote because for me flowers remind me of new beginnings and I think that it’s important to wake up each day feeling like you have a fresh start! I just added some flowers into the middle, put in some colour and that was it! I think it’s really pretty and sends a nice message. I really love this self care page as well! I included it to remind me of what I should be doing for myself. I split it into mind, body, and expression and just wrote down some of my favourite things to do for myself! I added in some brown paper which I just stuck down with a glue stick, and just drew these doodles with my micron pen. I absolutely love the way it looks, definitely one of my favourite self care pages I’ve made! Planning Spread I mentioned last month that I had started including these pages for planning out what I was going to create for the following month. I always pick a really simple design and leave the majority of the page so I have lots of space for creating and planning! This month I picked a quote that was directly linked to my wildflower theme: – in a field of roses, she’s a wildflower – I love this because I think it encourages us to be ourselves, unique, different! I split the quote so that I could use it across the two pages and added some flowers and butterflies to finish it off. Weekly Spreads I wanted to make sure that I did a different design for each week again, and I really liked what I came up with! They are all slightly different and pushed me to think of new ideas for each spread! I think my spread for week 2 is definitely my favourite! This is so different from the spreads I usually do. I wanted to make it look sort of like a scrap book so I used lots of washi tape to make it look as though everything was taped down. I added some quotes on brown paper and drew some wildflowers as well to give it some more colour. I’m really happy with it! For the last week, I’ve made the spread smaller. I usually do weekly spreads across two pages but because I had decided to add in a end of month review, I’ve tried a one page monthly spread. It might not work and I might end up needing more space but my thought process was that I wanted to concentrate on my review and with planning for the following month. I’ll let you know how it goes! End of Month Review So my final page is my May Review. Again I went quite simple with the design here because I wanted enough space to record everything. At the top I’ve got This Month in a Few Words – I wanted this to be my summary of how the month has gone, how I’ve felt. I added Books Read because I’ve been reading so much recently what with being home constantly and I thought it would be fun to look back over what I was reading! Then I’ve got my Grateful box. It will be interesting to compare this with my thoughts at the start of the month! The Successes and Difficulties boxes go hand in hand are both important. It will allow me to reflect on what went well, what was difficult, and why. For any goals or plans, reflecting on your successes and challenges is what will help you make progress! That follows nicely onto the Lessons I’ve Learned and what I want to try or focus on Next Month. Finally I’ve left a space where I can rate my month from 1 to 10. I think I’ll find this page really useful. See if you can incorporate a page like this into your setup! If you’re looking for a short cut to set up your journal this month, check out our Wildflower Theme Printable Bullet Journal Pack! This month I’ve setup the pack so that you will be able to use it for any month! You’ll get the following pages in the pack: Cover Page Quote Page Monthly Spread Goals, Affirmations, and Gratitude Page Mood Tracker Habit Tracker Brain Dump Weekly Spread CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR WILDFLOWER THEME PRINTABLE PACK So that’s my full setup for the month of May! Enjoy getting creative and I can’t wait to see all your designs! 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