Evidence that Disclosure will be minimized or maximized?Disclosure was planned months ahead of Trumps signed request at end of DEC 2020. June 2020.Trump Discusses Declassifying Roswell Timeline starts spiking around Oct 2020. Look at the trending locations, District of Columbia. The Information Security Oversight Office is in charge of disclosure. Controlled Unclassified Information is DoD/Capitol Hill speak for "How can we keep as much of this under wraps as possible" "What is CUI basic" was hardcore trending in northern Huntsville area Alabama for the last few weeks of October into November,BEFORE Trump signed any UFO disclosure bill. It may end up turning into: the important people being made aware of the situation before it drops, just like in Feb 2020 when certain senators were told to dump their stocks. One of those people might have been Israel's Defense ministerHeim Esched who in Early December made claims about a Galactic Federation and Trump almost spilling the beans.Kennedy from FOXBusiness was the main news network discussing Heim's claims and even gives advice on what to do in such an event. Maybe Trump protectssome of his friends this way. Trump signs disclosure into Covid package at the end of December. It will probably turn into: still nothing to see here folks. Just some new tech we're testing.this coverup has got at least another few decades in it. EDIT: I may have drawn some incorrect connections here. CUI looks like it is replacing “FOUO”.Here, pg 6.