Artisanvideos has fallen to those who are only motivated by ad revenue.I can't tell you how many times I've banned someone for being here to promote their YouTube channel and had them reply with something along the lines of, "but it's my own original content" as if that isn't exactly the problem and they're only programmed to respond to complains of content theft. If you post here and your username looks something like "branding_YT", you are the problem. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "but it's art" as if artisan means art. I can't tell you how many times I've had people try to make this the place where they draw attention to their political stance. I can't tell you because even if I had a cleanly parsed list of each and every instance, I would lose my mind trying to count each one because there's so many. Artisan videos was made for the specific purpose of appreciating the work of others, and this concept has attracted at least 2 million people. Any time you have so many people looking at the same place, people who trade attention for money will come looking to ruin it with a shallow impression plastered with their branding. I've done everything I can over the years to keep this place true to purpose and it's not working. I live in my car without a computer right now, and DoorDash is how I get by. I've got a lot of free time, but I can't fight the tide. If we can't come up with a way to fix this problem here, I'm going to put the subreddit back in private mode and leave it there. The only way I can see that happening properly is by developing a culture to turn away these advertisers, but I'm open to suggestions. Do not ask to become a moderator. I won't mod someone who asks for it. Say literally anything about China and I'll ban you on the spot. Chinese people can be artisans as much as anyone else and I will not host this topic. The admins are just as overwhelmed with sheer numbers as I am, and they've gone on to taking actions blindly and automatically. See here: I won't act blindly. We're gonna have something or we're gonna have nothing, but we're not gonna have a wall of ads disguised as content. Edit: Some really good solutions have come up! Pre-approval of posts might be pretty good after I've already found some mods. Automoderator can probably be set up to limit how often a single channel can be posted, which actually solves the whole heckin issue with self promotion elegantly. With that, self promotion can basically just be allowed. I don't know how to manage automoderator though. Automoderator can also make a comment on every post that people can vote on to determine if a post fits. We can put together a 'Hall of Fame' which has good examples of videos to set a proper expectation. A submission statement can go hand in hand with the automoderator comment, and would also just cut off bots that don't account for it. Edit 2: I can't even right now. Edit 3: I'm gonna turn posting back on for now while I find some people to mod and implement these solutions. I'll leave this post up.
Frontend Lead at GreywingWork directly with the CEO and CTO to build a better UI for maritime operations from scratch. You will have the opportunity to design and build the interface primitives that lay the foundation for maritime software for the next ten years. This is the right job if you like building things that have never existed before, are excited by new challenges and understand that products live and die on the user experience. If successful, you will help decide the future of Greywing, as well as lay the roadmap for all future development of the interface. You will be aided in making key decisions about the stack, development process and guiding principles. Some of the things we've done so far: - Build an easy to use routing engine for vessels - Design intelligence software to compress hundreds of points of information (flights, agencies, fuel, restrictions) into quick decisions. For an illustrative example, check out []( As an example of what you will be working on, here are two key ongoing projects: 1. Design a light interface based on mapbox that allows a ship manager to have instant situational awareness of over 100 vessels within two clicks. 2. Develop an omnibox (Cmd+K) that enables easy navigation of the platform, and to perform context-sensitive actions. To understand what drives us, a good place to start is the [Greywing Product Manifesto](, which outlines our guiding principles and development strategy for the platform. ## Who are we? Greywing is a maritime intelligence tool that enables ship managers to conduct operations and save thousands of dollars by providing actionable insight into the decisions they make. Simply put, we process hundreds of thousands of points of information about a vessel to tell them where it should go and what it should do. We are backed by the people at Y Combinator, Instacart and Flexport. We work with the world's largest ship managers and operators to make the global shipping network more efficient while protecting the people who make sure our world runs smoothly. In the past year, we've conducted charter flight operations for vessels calling at Singapore, helped evacuate wounded crew that would not have been possible otherwise, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted fuel and resources. For a deeper technical overview of our software, you can read our [Hacker News Launch]( For the insatiably curious, you may find more information on [our blog]( or our [CTO's Writing]( ## Why we need you Mapping software for customer use was clunky and borderline unusable until Google Maps. While it was full of innovations on the backend - from AJAX to tiling - the interface was what made it an overnight success. The same can be said of Uber, where completing a flow from opening the app to getting in a car required barely any movement of your finger while holding your phone. The right interface primitives are often domain-dependent and can have a greater impact than the underlying technology. Maritime software is still in its infancy. Do a quick Google and you'll see that interfaces look like they were designed on FrontPage in 2008 - and this is the state across the ecosystem. Decisions that govern millions of dollars in cargo and hundreds of thousands of tons of iron and steel are made through excel sheets, email, and pencil and paper. We have a rare opportunity to lay down how maritime will interact digitally for the next decade, if we get this right. ## The Team Our CEO is a former Royal Marine Commando that has built a business in maritime from nothing to 4 million in turnover. Our CTO has published multiple papers across technology, from Formal verification in cryptocurrencies, human-computer interaction, embedded glucose monitoring to baseline optimization in chemistry and physics. He has also built software and hardware serving hundreds of thousands of users across southeast Asia, in fintech, insurtech, robotics, for companies like National Geographic, Ethereum, and SGX. ## Our Stack Backend: NodeJS, Express, Postgres, Redis Frontend: PlainJS, Bootstrap (migrating to React or Vue) ## Details Full time role, fully remote if outside Singapore. Payment and salaries are compatible with [Gitlab's compensation calculator](, with competitive equity. ## How to apply If you're interested, please reach out to with a short Loom video answering the following questions (or any you'd like): 1. What should we know about you? Background, capabilities, what you think your strengths are. 2. What interests you about us? 3. Tell us a little about the most memorable project you've worked on. What were the hardest parts? What were the best moments?
Horror Short Film "Snake D*ck" | ALTERSubscribe to ALTER on YouTube: Jill's got the snake. Julia's got the flute. Alone, they have nothing. But together, they have a secret weapon to fight the darkness. "Snake Dick" by David Mahmoudieh #ALTER #horror #shortfilm Connect with the Filmmakers: More About "Snake Dick": Two women, on an undisclosed journey across the Californian wilderness, make an unplanned pit-stop at a gas station when their car breaks down. Two men, tipsy and looking for trouble, cat-call their way into a confrontation resulting in their own humiliation. But just when things are about to turn ugly, the women reveal they are not traveling alone; for they are in possession of a deadly and mysterious weapon unlike any other... "Snake Dick " Credits: Writer/Director/Editor: David Mahmoudieh Cinematographer: Chris Saul Producers: Annalea Fiachi George Lako David Mahmoudieh Executive Producers: Fiona Campbell-Westgate Joshua Bachove Steve Fusci VFX Artist: Stephen Cunnane Digital Compositor: Ryan Wieber Art Director:Graham Denman Costume Designer: Susanna Song Make-Up: Sameerah Hoddison Sound Mixer: James DeVore Sound Designer: Shachar Boussani 1st AC: Kyle Wright Steadicam: Erdem Ertal Gaffer: Chad McClellan Best Boy: Brandon Ruiz PA: Mario Bosanac Colorist: Loren White Composer: Pilotpriest CAST: Jill: Poppy Drayton (The Shannara Chronicles, The Little Mermaid, Charmed) Julia: Sierra Pond (Mommy Be Mine, The Wrong Daughter, Throw Like A Girl) Hillbilly Joe: Micah Fitzgerald (Swamp Thing, Lost Angeles, Westworld) Hillbilly Earl: Ross Francis (Into The Wilderness, Mr. Brooks, Skateland) About ALTER: The most provocative minds in horror bring you three new short films every week exploring the human condition through warped and uncanny perspectives. Be ready to leave the world you know behind and subscribe. Once you watch, you are forever ALTERed. Watch more: Website: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Sign-up for ALTER newsletter: About Gunpowder + Sky: Creating content that resonates and impacts pop culture conversation, by empowering creators to take risks and experiment relentlessly in the pursuit of novel stories and formats. Video Title