Rush- Live in Tokyo, 11/21/1984 (Audio/Video merge)Here's another show from the Grace Under Pressure Tour! This is their concert at the Budokan in Tokyo, one of their only concerts in Japan, and the third-to-last show on the tour (The tour closed out 4 days later in Honolulu). This is very special because it is captured on video! The original video (Credit to RollTheFemurs for the original upload) was incomplete, missing "The Enemy Within", "Witch Hunt", "New World Man", "Red Barchetta", and "2112", as well as most of "The Spirit Of Radio", Neil's Drum solo, and "Tom Sawyer". Fortunately I managed to get my hands on an audio-only bootleg, which is complete! The sound quality is great, though the video quality is pretty poor and blurry. (Also some audio synch problems in "The Weapon" and "Red Lenses") Despite that, it's still a worthwhile watch. It gives a good visual picture of the band's performances at the time, and as usual for the time the performances are very solid, musically and vocally, though not much real surprises (Geddy hits some of the E5s in "Tom Sawyer", and nails a G5 (!) during "Red Lenses"). ENJOY! Time-stamps for each song: Intro: 0:00 The Spirit Of Radio: 0:47 Subdivisions: 5:47 The Body Electric: 11:07 The Enemy Within: 16:36 The Weapon: 21:29 Witch Hunt: 29:34 New World Man: 34:25 Between The Wheels: 38:51 Red Barchetta: 44:38 Distant Early Warning: 52:29 Red Sector A: 57:56 Closer To The Heart: 1:03:19 YYZ: 1:07:18 2112: 1:15:40 Tom Sawyer: 1:17:30 Red Lenses: 1:23:53 Vital Signs: 1:29:24 Finding My Way: 1:34:13 In The Mood: 1:35:25