Miso-Ginger Noodles With Tuna & Spicy Sesame Crumbs Recipe on Food52These saucy, umami-rich noodles are a perfect example of a low-effort, high-reward dinner. Strewn with tuna and topped with spicy, crunchy bread crumbs, they’re a reimagined, speedier rendition of tuna noodle casserole. The bright miso-ginger dressing comes together quickly and easily—mostly an exercise of gathering a few bottles on the counter—and is ready in the time it takes to cook the noodles. And from there, all that’s required is tossing the warm noodles with the dressing, a handful of greens, and tuna—then topping with a zippy mix of toasted panko, sesame seeds, and chile flakes. The whole thing comes together in under 20 minutes, yet tastes like it took triple the time and effort to pull off. <br /> <br />A few notes and tips: The earthy flavor and chewy texture of soba and udon are great in this dish, but virtually any type of noodle works well, including spaghetti. For a vegetarian version, simply omit the tuna, or feel free to add sautéed mushrooms for a little extra bulk. Substitute any leafy greens or herbs for the spinach, or add other types of vegetables, such as thinly sliced fresh radish or cucumber. Even the crumb topping is adaptable: it can be made with just panko or just sesame seeds, or if you happen to have a bottle of furikake or gomashio in your pantry, you can use it in lieu of the crumbs. The miso-ginger dressing has so many uses beyond this dish (leafy salads, grain bowls, roasted vegetables, you name it) so consider doubling the recipe and using it to enliven your lunches and dinners throughout the week.