YouTube Redux - old layout replication extension - 2021 Editiontl;dr - I made an extension that attemps to replicate old YT layout and its features. It modifies the existing Polymer layout so it won't break as easily as most workarounds to date. no tl;dr version - check the archived thread linked at the bottom Chrome YouTube Redux Firefox YouTube Redux Cheers and have fun! If you see a suggestion you'd also like to see implemented give it an upvote. I'll re-review popular suggestions even if I had denied them initially. ==Changelog== 2.2.2 - 15.05.2021 * fixed sub alert icon look when used with sub count border setting * added an alternative 2005 logo 2.2.1 - 14.05.2021 * minor fix for the default logo size 2.2.0 - 14.05.2021 * added an option to choose YT logo from a selection of XL, 2005, 2011, 2015 (and its brighter version) and 2017 logos (preview included) * added an option to add border to subscribers count on the video page * small player fixes * subscriptions page fixes * fixed missing Save and Share buttons upon using miniplayer and going back to full player 2.1.2 - 13.05.2021 * fixed regression for missing small player controls 2.1.1 - 12.05.2021 * code refactor and a minor font size fix for settings * enabled small player by default 2.1.0 - 09.05.2021 * slightly reworked extension's settings page * added an option to group playlist items on the home page (note: this works with the newest playlists layout - the one where the playlist indicator is a horizontal bar instead of vertical) * added an option to use custom fonts for video titles (or choose from presets) * added an option to use custom size for small video player * added an option to hide the 'Search with your voice' button * fixed the duplicated 'Analytics' button 2.0.7 - 06.05.2021 * fixed the duplicated 'Join' button 2.0.6 - 06.05.2021 * fixed precise likes values to accomodate for YT changes 2.0.5 - 02.05.2021 * css fix for the previous fix 2.0.4 - 01.05.2021 * minor css fixes 2.0.3 - 28.04.2021 * added missing channel styling in search results 2.0.2 - 26.04.2021 * fixed channel page styles that stopped working at some point 2.0.1 - 25.04.2021 * made alternative video page layout more compatible when not using extra layout setting * fixes for null value likes/dislikes when using alternative video page layout 2.0.0 - 25.04.2021 * added an option to use alternative video page layout that mimics older YT layouts * added an option to use extra sidebar changes which brings is closer to old layout * added an option to use square avatars in search results * css fixes ...older changes. Previous thread (archived).