6 Reasons Why Big Data Career Might be the One for YouBig Data enables companies to be 15 % more effective in their information churning and analytics game. And this is not a just a thrown off the mill statement to impress, but this is a finding by IBM on big data and analysts. Data is driving the companies in every possible way you can imagine. There is no leap of faith or blind turns anymore, but sure footed data driven steps for companies. The volume of data that lies today with companies has immense potential. The challenge is, traditional analytics was never built for this big a volume. Here, technology like no SQL database and Big Data Analytics come wearing the shining armor. And no, points for guessing who the knight is – the big data professional. Let us delve in to pre-history and consider Big Data as the revolutionary discovery of fire. To make a fire, you need fuel aka twigs and leaves, flint and then you need to set up a bonfire. After you light it, the task at hand is to control it, use it strategically to repeat maximum benefits of heating, cooking, safety and much more. Big Data Analytics need and architecting and engineering part. This one is for the software engineers and programmers, who code to build a platform to run this big data. Big Data analytics is a combination of technocracy with statistics and logic to interpret and make most out of the information in hand. More than Decent – A Handsome Pay Skill gap and talent crunch is perhaps the biggest pain point of big data. Companies are looking for a big data professional who knows data analytics like the back of their hands. Earlier last year Genberal Electric spent $2 billion as a recruitment budget for big data analysts who knew their game. If you consider the popular software platform Hadoop then the entry level salary for a Hadoop Developer id $100,000, a Hadoop Architect scores $172,000 as a starting salary and looks after the entire lifecycle of Hadoop based solution. It is in demand and it is happening Big Data has potential to drive sales in a world where staying relevant equals staying in the game. But, experts agree that we have just scratched the surface. It is a win-win situation for a big data professional as this person is in demand and will stay in demand. Companies need an adept data analysts who can convert big data into increased sales. They need someone to show them the money and the baton does not pass to the sales team as a ritual, but the nerds – programmers, coders, statistics and math geek can have the last and almost everlasting laugh with big data as their biggest feather in the hat. Not Just another “IT term” anymore Forest Gump ran through college scholarship, military service, entrepreneurship and stardom. And it is ‘run big data run’ for companies as data analytics as it goes beyond technology to operations, marketing sales and even human resources. It is not the obscure and nerdy kid, but the popular kid, who still loves number and fact crunching, but is now driving the A-listers like marketing and what companies love the most aka profit generation. The Missing Case of Data Analysts U.S. is missing 190.000 data scientists and 1.5 million analysts and manager as per McKinsey Global Institute. And they are not even there yet. The skill gap in big data is the thing that is giving top companies quite a sleepless night. Getting in the league of certified big data professional might be a good idea for technocrats. Companies want Big Data Analysts who know how to churn and turn that humungous volume of data into the best operational strategy. Innovation is Big Data Innovation is the rule of the day, be it any day. Innovations today are data driven, companies like IBM frequently use data analytics to drive models and new ideas. It is the mantra for competitive success. Sum this up with the skill gap and you get to the age old and true demand-supply analogy. The market demand for certified big data professional is high and is bound to be so as the big data is not intending to turn small or even stagnant anytime soon. Niche and Variety We started with Big Data Engineer and Big Data Analysts, but that is not the end to it. You can be a Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant, Big Data Solution Architect, Big Data Analytics Architect, Metrics and Analytics specialists and this is just a few of the names. The concept is not that of a one man/woman army, but an entire team handling one aspect of data. Creating niche here can be exciting and pro-growth. Big Data can very well be a synonym for success in career for people who show keen interest in programming, coding, mathematics, statistics and other related subjects.
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