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BASS WORSHIP: The Story of DUB and SOUND SYSTEM Culture (2020 Documentary)Video links: - King tubby meets rockers uptown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbCrYBWh62Y - Disco Devil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbb192bVGAU Intro: Dub is an experimental and influential Jamaican music genre that grew out of reggae in the 1960s. The style consists of instrumental remixes of existing reggae recordings and is achieved by significantly altering and reshaping the recordings, usually through the emphasis of bass and drums, the application of studio effects such as echo and reverb, and the occasional dubbing of vocal or instrumental snippets from the original version. The genre is heavily linked to Jamacian sound system culture and has had a huge influence on the development of various music genres such as hip hop, jungle, post punk, dubstep, dub techno and ambient. I hope you enjoy the video !!! Socials: - Instagram: instagram.com/turismo4k twitter: twitter.com/turismo4k patreon: https://www.patreon.com/turismo4k extra tags: dub, reggae, dub plate, dubstep, dub techno, jungle, chopped and screwed, music documentary, hip hop, Kool Herc, king tubby, duke reid, bunny lee, jah, jah shaka, rasta, experimental, mixing board, studio techniques, tape, delay, reverb, filter, king tubby, lee perry, the upsetters, disco devil, super ape, music culture, documentary, turismo, rap, soundsystem culture, soundsystem, bass, sub bass, vinyl, deejay, selector, dub landing, scientist, errol thompson, mikey dread, soundclash, noisey, vice, vox, genius, techno, bass frequency, rave, dance hall, dancehall, ragga, steppers, riddim, basic channel, deepchord, rod modell, black ark, lee, 1960s, ska, punk, post punk, the clash, uk, edm, bass culture, bass music, UK, new york, kingston, germany, tresor, chopped and screwed, dj screw, musique concrete, psychedelic music, psychedelic sound, psytrance, ambient, post disco
Foul Child: The Legend of Big L | Docu-Short | Official TrailerFoul Child: The Legend of Big L, a new mini-documentary film chronicling the trajectory of the profoundly influential and visionary Hip Hop artist Big L, coming May 29th via Mass Appeal & Certified Classics. Featuring exclusive interviews by RZA, Buckwild, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvyy, Dave East, Stretch Armstrong, Bobbito Garcia and Peter Rosenberg. Subscribe to Mass Appeal: http://bit.ly/2qW4NXj Subscribe to Certified Classics: https://www.youtube.com/c/thisiscertified Listen to Big L: https://BigL.lnk.to/listen!MA Born Lamont Coleman on May 30,1974, Big L made his name as one of the most formidable East Coast rappers of the early 1990s gifted with uncanny word flow, keen narrative chops and dazzling freestyling punctuated with drop-dead and often hilarious punchlines. Big L's Hip Hop contemporaries were in awe of his skills. "We were about to sign him right before he passed away," Jay Z remembers. "We were about to sign him to Roc-a-Fella. It was a done deal...I think he was very talented...I think he had the ability to write big records, and big choruses." Nas had this reaction after first hearing Big L: "He scared me to death. When I heard that on tape, I was scared to death. I said, 'Yo, it's no way I can compete if this is what I gotta compete with.'" In 1993, Big L submitted a four-track cassette tape to Columbia Records, who signed him as an artist and released Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous on March 28, 1995 featuring the singles “Put It On” & “MVP”. Big L’s life and career were cut tragically short by a drive-by shooting in his Harlem neighborhood on February 15, 1999 Watch more Big L videos: https://BigL.lnk.to/listenYC/youtube Follow Big L: Facebook: https://BigL.lnk.to/followFI Spotify: https://BigL.lnk.to/listenSI YouTube: https://BigL.lnk.to/subscribeYD Subscribe to Mass Appeal here: http://bit.ly/2qW4NXj ------------------- Mass Appeal is an entertainment company dedicated to telling stories from the perspective of those who shape and shift culture. Since 1996, we have documented the emerging movements that influence popular ideas. Today, Mass Appeal is the elevated voice of Hip Hop and its ever-expanding sphere of influence. Integrated offerings in content, music and creative services stoke Mass Appeal’s ability to maximize the impact of our output. Our diverse school of thought separates us from friends and foes alike. Instagram: http://instagram.com/massappeal Twitter: http://twitter.com/massappeal Facebook: http://facebook.com/massappeal Website: http://massappeal.com