4 Holiday Colour Palettes Trends for a Modern SpaceModern interior design has a reputation as being a rather staunch and strict methodology that allows for little interpretation, and while the monochromatic and open spaces ring true - one of the greatest things about a modern approach to interior design is its ability to pair effortlessly with a vast array of colour palettes.White, grey, metal, black, and neutral tones are perfectly accented by a wealth of holiday colours that go beyond the classic red and green. Christmas and the holiday season are all about celebrating togetherness, unity, and joy - the standard black and white modern appeal and the old school red and green go-to’s aren’t the other colour palettes you have to choose from. In this post, we’re exploring some of the more exciting and non-traditional holiday colour palette trends for a modern space. Red & CreamThere’s no denying the season can help to create a focal point from romantic and sentimental energy. Play on that romantic vibe by changing up the old school red and white colour pairing for a pink, cream, and red combination that uses fresh or silk flowers as ornaments with cream tablecloths and runners, wrapping paper, and dessert icing. Red is a classic staple of the holiday season, but pairing with pink, lavender, silver, and even blues - especially in a roo that features a few wooden accents - is a great way to help the timeless colour stand out. Lavender & SilverAdd a zeal of femininity to the classic royal blue and silver Christmas aesthetic by swapping out the blue for a lush lavender hue that perfectly compliments the industrial and metallic silver pairing. The hint of purple adds a depth and a renewed richness to this exciting colour palette and pairs exceptionally well in monochromatic and white modern spaces throughout the home. Often associated with the spring season, and youth (that’s why we see lavender in so many nurseries), lavender can encompass a variety of expansive colours, from light purples, to pale pinks, blues, and even grays, helping it compliment the silver very well in a plethora of mainstream holiday decorations. Aside from silver, lavender in its grey form also pairs very well with gold, as a way to accent your holiday decoration efforts with another popular holiday metal. This pairing helps to add a sense of luxury, warmth, and coziness to the holiday spirit. Bold Mix & MatchThere are no laws that state the holidays have to be overseen by traditional colour palettes or pre-conceived ideas of what holidays colours should be in the first place. Usher in the entire spectrum of rainbow colours to introduce an eclectic vibe to your holiday celebrations. Take this opportunity to run wild with your imagination and pair a number of contrasting warm colours with contemporary blues, and teals to add a bold, colourful pop of colour to the season. Pair hot pink with teal or lime green as a playful twist on the classic red and green, or mix and match turquoise and black to add a sophisticated zest of playfulness to your decor. Try matching your Christmas tree to a multitude of multi-coloured wrapping paper choices on your gifts by adding neon ornaments to the tree and decorating with bold bows, sashes, and faux greenery. Chocolate Brown & WhiteChocolate brown lends itself well to our previous note about adding richness to the holidays. Rich, deep colours like chocolate browns can add texture, warmth, and sophistication to whites and other classic modern colour palettes. Brown is a nice change from the classic Garlin green and red colour combo and helps to usher in a sense of coziness that the holiday season craves. To inject a flavour of chocolate brown into your modern kitchen or living room - consider decorating an all-white, or frosted Christmas tree with nothing but brown pinecones from your yard; jazz up your holiday by adding these DIY decorations to the space using a silver or white twine, or hemp cord to help transition the deep chocolate with a light tan brown. -----The holiday season doesn’t necessarily end on Christmas day, so the idea that traditional Christmas colours have to remain a constant year after year is another sentiment we can’t get behind. While it’s always easy and tempting to reach for those standard red and green ornaments and decorations, experimenting with some of these newfound seasonal colour palettes is a great way to keep an old favourite like the holiday season feel new again. Happy Holidays!