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M2U00875, GREEN + BLACK! WOW! JESUS = 8881. God is perfect. 2. God speaks English. 3. Therefore, English is perfect mathematically, to Glorify Him at all times, day and night. That is what we reveal in all of these videos. And then—from there… This channel is dedicated to the harvesting of ALL of world history mathematically for the Glory of Jesus Christ. There is a sister channel called, "Jesus Christ" with over 2500 videos on this subject already. We harvest all of world history for the mathematical glory of the Triune God (God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and The Holy Ghost), for the Glory of God. God is Sovereign. And He has ordained NUMBERS to be the mechanism by which He takes the glory for EVERYTHING in world history. Here is how this works: A = 1, B = 2, C = 3... Z = 26 And you find: JESUS = MESSIAH = GOSPEL = CROSS = THE KING ...by Divine Ordinance. And Grade 1 children can do the math. You add up the numbers from left to right and see the Glory of God. This is THE MOST exciting area of Research in the history of the world. My Journey in this began when I found that JESUS = 888 in Greek. That is-- the numbers of the name of Jesus in Greek add perfectly to 888. And God has been doing this over all of world history since the dawn of Eden. So this channel is dedicated to the Glory of Jesus Christ and the One True Triune God Who Created all things-- and takes the Glory for all things-- using numbers. This teaching can get into all of our schools-- Grade 1 children can do the math. God has ordained ALL languages to be mathematically designed to glorify Him in their own unique way. My journey in this began with HEBREW and GREEK in findings in the Holy Scriptures, and then the Lord called me into ENGLISH and the LATIN languages. Because God is Sovereign over world history, He has made sure that all of these languages maximally point to HIM in the most beautiful and astonishing ways-- using numbers. For example, do the math on the truth: GOD IS LOVE. GOD IS = 54 LOVE = 54 They both equal the same thing. And Grade 1 children can do the math. The whole thing adds to the same value as WORSHIP = 108! This is the tiniest of the 100,000,000,000's that God has placed like GOLD all through the storybooks of World History!!! HISTORY = HIS STORY!!! But it is NUMBERS that God has chosen to be the unifying factor amongst all the languages and stories of world history. From dates, to times, to names, and places-- everything has a number, and everything is playing out PERFECTLY according to God's Sovereign will to MAXIMALLY glorify Himself at all times. Do the math on this truth: GOD IS SOVEREIGN. = 168 = 24 x 7 = 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 (A seven-fold set of Triple-8's!) Consider this: HOLY = PURE = WORD = PRAY = BELIEVE = DESIRE All bear the number 3 because God is 3 People: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and The Holy Ghost. They all equal 60 exactly... one of God's favourite numbers to glorify the Number 3. Does Jesus own every School and Cathedral and Ambulance and all Money and all the World? Yes He does: Because: SCHOOL = CATHEDRAL = AMBULANCE = MONEY = WORLD = 72 = 8 x 9 = 888 888 888 (A Triple of Triple-8's!) And that's How He does it, my friends. That's HOW Jesus takes the Glory for everything in World History-- including people, and the names of people. NEIL ARMSTRONG = 201 (First man on the moon.) WALT DISNEY = 201 (Founder of Disneyland.) CHUCK YEAGER = 201 (First man to fly faster than the speed of sound.) HEITOR DA SILVA COSTA = 201 (Designer of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro.) ...And on and on the story goes. Century over century, year over year, the plan is playing out EXACTLY according to God's plan for His Mathematical Pleasure. So WATCH-- and FIND GEMS yourself! Join the hunt! See the glory of God! LOVE = SUN = BREATH = HEALTH! And on the glory comes! Jesus takes the Glory for every word in the universe, for all time-- using numbers. AMEN = 33. NAME = 33. THE = 33. BANANA = 33. And on and on the Joy comes to the Glory of The Triune God Who IS Love and IS Three Persons!!! Do the math on this one: GOD IS THREE PERSONS. You'll love it! Watch some REAL TRUTH that feeds your SOUL and LOVE for God!!! Never forget that SNOW in Hebrew = 333 perfectly. And every flake is pure Threes branching outward. Let the River Flow. Do the math on that one-- it divides by 3! LET THE RIVER FLOW! And then you can count the number of letters and strokes, and that is also significant. We have computers by God's design to do this work. COMPUTER = 111. Pure Threes!!! To the Glory of The Triune God. Do the math on that phrase-- it divides by 3 also! AMEN = 33!!! HALLELUJAH divides by 3!! Keep going kids!! Keep going!! THE RACE IS ON!!!! That divides by 3! GLORY TO GOD!!! That divides by 3!