June 2020 Self Care Challenge | Printout Calendar! - Little Silver LiningHello Everyone! I am soooo ready for a fresh, new month! Even if we’re still stuck in these at home, a new month means that we’re moving forward, and that’s something to celebrate in itself! I hope you’re adjusting to the temporary new normal we’re all living in, and I really hope you’re making the most of spending time at home! This month, I’ve decided to try something new… I wanted to set the intention this month to focus on what I can control. I can control how I feel, what I’m doing for my own development, and how I’m appreciating the things and the people around me… So this month, for the first time I’m setting a self care challenge! I’m challenging myself to do one thing EVERY DAY to contribute to my own health and happiness ANNDDD… I want you guys to follow along with me! I’ll be posting everyday of the challenge on instagram so you can follow along with me and we can share our experiences together! If you’re not already, make sure to follow me HERE so we can do this together! You’ll be able to download your FREE June 2020 Self Care Challenge Calendar in this post which will give you a full month of self care practices, and allow you to track your progress and feel the accomplishment of having ticked off every activity that you complete! How to Take Part in this Challenge… So what do I mean by a self care challenge? In a basic form, it means that I’m doing one self care practice everyday of the month. I want to track my progress and growth, and record how I feel at the end of the month. In your calendar, you’ll find journaling prompts, movement and breathing exercises, as well as activities to inspire your creativity. I want you to find what you love, and DO IT, and that’s what this month’s challenge focuses on. As part of that, I know that some of you might prefer to create your own calendar of self care activities. So… you can choose between the full filled out calendar which I will be following this month, or you can download the customisable template so you can fill it in with your own activities! Both calendars follow the day’s of the month, and have a check box everyday so that your can tick off your activities and see how much you have achieved throughout the month! Click the link below to gain access to our resource library, or head straight there by clicking on the images! CLICK HERE TO GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR CALENDAR Why Practice Self Care? So why have I decided to do this? Well I have two main reasons… First, I know that practicing self care has a massive influence on my own health and happiness. It keeps me mentally and physically feeling like myself, keeps me in touch with how I’m feeling, and allows me to make sure I’m appreciating what is around me. Secondly, I like a challenge! By having a calendar of different activities to practice everyday, I get a sense of satisfaction not only through knowing that I’m prioritising my self care, but through actually completing each task and ticking it off! I like to try new things and I’m excited to start off this new challenge series… I hope you are too! The Calendar The calendar I’ve created tracks 30 days of self care. I’ve given us at least two journaling prompts each week with a chance to record how we feel at the beginning and end of this challenge. There are outdoor activities, beauty and health practices, and some creative chances to do what we love! I’m so excited to do this and for you guys to follow along with me! Let’s make the best progress we can towards a happy and health life! Are you in? Time to Get Started… Let’s do this!!! Step 1 – download your calendar, pin it up somewhere you will see it EVERYDAY, and take action! Step 2 – follow me on instagram so we can track our progress TOGETHER! I’m so excited for you guys to follow along with me! Let me know if you’re in and make sure you track your progress! Let’s have a great month! Rosanna x Are you on the list?ARE YOU ON THE LIST?Get our FREE ebook, weekly newsletter, and exclusive freebies delivered straight to your inbox! You'll also get instant access to our FREE library of printouts!Invalid email address Give it a try. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thanks for subscribing! Check your email to access your FREEBIES! Welcome to the Little Silver Lining family!