50+ Amazing Page Ideas for your BuJo! - Little Silver LiningSo you’re looking for some new page ideas for your BuJo? Bullet Journaling is amazing because you can create a space for everything going on in your life whether that’s personal, creative, work or anything else. Bullet Journaling allows for the space to organise your thoughts all in one place – this is definitely one of the many benefits of bullet journaling! But if you are new, or just hungry for some new ideas of what your can include, this post will offer a good starting point! I’ve split these ideas into different categories . This list is my no means exhaustive and I will update it as I come across more wonderful ideas in the BuJo universe! Personal/Self Care For me this category is sooo important! Including these pages helps me stay on top of how I’m feeling, and keeps me in a positive space. If I’m able to check in with myself, I can make sure I’m in the right frame of mind to put all my efforts into my own personal development. Personal for me includes how I document my life and keep on top of what’s going on. Here are some page ideas to get you started… Mood Trackers Habit Trackers Gratitude Prompts Journaling Prompts Quote Pages Weekly Spreads Future logs Self Care Ideas Things to do when I’m feeling down page Personal Time off Tracker Bucket List Productivity How am I making sure I’m being productive in order to set myself up for success everyday? This list – which is by no means exhaustive – should give you a few ideas… Yearly goal setting pages Monthly goal setting/review pages To Do lists Personal Development Plans Business Plans Blog Content Planning Homework Assignments Accounts and Passwords Health So this category is more to do with physical health. I tend to include mental health in Self Care, which is listed above. So if you’re trying to get in better shape, or just trying to cultivate some healthy habits, including some of these pages might help you… Fitness Tracker Healthy Eating Tracker 90 Day Plan Log – space for you to plan in your workouts and meals, and to track your progress Water Tracker Fitness Goals Weight Goals Tracking your measurements page Favourites These are nice pages to include so you can document the things you try throughout the year and update your lists as you go. If you’re stumped for a movie later in the year for example, you can check your list for ideas of things you like… Movies Books TV Programmes Podcasts Music Things to do Places to see Recipes Affirmations Quotes Home These are a list of useful pages for everyday activities and improvements on your home… Weekly/daily chore lists Weekly/daily cleaning lists Home Improvement plan Home Repair to-do schedule Meal Plans/Prep Shopping Lists Recipes Important Contact Numbers Travel If you have a holiday coming up, including some of these pages might be helpful to ensure you have a truly amazing holiday! As well as encouraging you to forward think about the preparation of your holiday, they are also great pages to have because they will get you so excited to go away… Packing Lists Things to see Holiday schedule My holiday in photos page Shopping lists for things still to buy Souvenir lists Travel collage page Money Saving for your holiday page Financial If you’re saving for something special, trying to spend wisely, or just want to keep better track of your finances, including some of these pages might be really useful for you! Give them a try… Weekly Personal Expenses Tracker Weekly Work Expenses Tracker Budget Tracker Saving Goals page Saving Plan page Overall budget page What I’m working towards page Bullet Journaling These are just some fun creative pages that you might want to try out for your BuJo… Monthly Cover pages Doodle Pages How to doodle tutorial pages Artistic pages Supplies to buy Washi tape samples Pen stroke samples Practice lettering pages Titles and Dividers Quotes Collages There are so many other ideas you can find and explore and you can adapt these ideas based on your life and circumstances. Have fun with your bullet journal – there is no limit to what you can include and create! Are you on the list?ARE YOU ON THE LIST?Get our FREE ebook, weekly newsletter, and exclusive freebies delivered straight to your inbox! You'll also get instant access to our FREE library of printouts!Invalid email address Give it a try. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thanks for subscribing! Check your email to access your FREEBIES! Welcome to the Little Silver Lining family!