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Cycling in your 40s, 50s and beyond: why you don't have to slow downAs an article by Hirofumi Tanaka and Douglas Seals in The Journal of Physiology put it back in 2008: “Declines in athletic performance are inevitable with age.” No one’s going to say cycling will make us immortal, but we certainly can continue enjoying the sport we love well into old age. The average age of the winner of the Tour de France is 27.7 years, but the oldest winner was Firmin Lambot, who won in 1922 aged 36. There are a handful of professional riders still mixing it in their 40s, and perhaps the shining beacon of professional cyclists defying the ageing process is Frenchwoman Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli, who won her 10th French TT title in 2011 at the age of 52, to add to her 15 French road championships. >>> Top 10 nutrition tips for peak performance With world titles in road, time trial and track events, and a silver medal in the MTB race to go with her four Olympic medals, she has a longer palmarès than any other pro we can find in the archives. However, athletes like Longo-Ciprelli are few and far between, and it’s fair to say that top-level cyclists reach a peak in physical performance some time between the age of 25 and 35. Performance potential It’s important to draw a distinction between performance decline in athletes who have been training and competing at the top level for many years, and amateur athletes or weekend warriors who came into the sport later or who haven’t spent as long training to their maximum potential. When we talk about decline in performance in the ageing athlete, what we really mean is a decline in the performance potential. Unless you’ve been training hard for in excess of five years, the chances are that you will be nowhere near that limit; there’s every chance you can continue to improve well past the age where research dictates you should be slowing down. >>> Five invaluable tips to help you step up from riding 60 to 100 miles For the amateur athlete, those peak years for performance — ages 22-35 — often fall at a time in life when starting a family or developing a career take precedence over the strive for cycling excellence. Many find that the later years offer up more time and the financial freedom to give sporting goals more attention, and these factors may offset age-related losses in performance. To minimise the effects of ageing, it’s useful to understand some of the changes in the different systems of the body that bring about a drop in performance. An endurance physiologist would define endurance performance as three factors: 1. Aerobic capacity, which is the highest rate of aerobic energy productions your body can produce as measured by VO2 max. 2. The fraction of that maximum you can sustain (as defined by ‘thresholds’). 3. Efficiency, which dictates how much power you produce for the size of your engine, as defined by the first two factors. Stopping the rot Research suggests that …Continue reading »