LPT: Dont buy an expensive van to fill the void in the heartGreetings of peace to all of you, Today I would like to share a advice for new people who are looking into this lifestyle. TL;DR * Void in the heart. Emotional distress. Consumer habits. * Strong family. * Assets vs liabilities. * If you must, then try out this lifestyle with your existing vehicle. * If you don't have any, get a cheap car and try out. * Humans by nature like to settle down, so it could just be a phase. * Always look for the opposing views. * It's all anecdotal. Long version: There are many good reasons to get into van life such as living a simple life, the freedom a person gets and the amazing places a person can visit and experience them. Another great example is that one couple chose this lifestyle because they were paying too much rent living in the west coast. So they bought a van instead and saved a ton of money in the long run. And there are many other great reasons to choose this lifestyle. However, if someone is looking into this lifestyle because there is a void in the heart and you think going to these amazing places in a $70K van will somehow fill the void. No. It will not. I believe there is a direct correlation between a void inside and consumer behavior. To fill the void, (some) people go and look for these types of things as if this would fix THE problem where in fact it's just a temporary bandage. And then when people go to Youtube, they find these #Vanlife hashtags which exacerbate the problem. It is an echo chamber... where you go to hear what you want to listen. Don't get me wrong. This route is way better and preferable to fill the void. Some people take up drinking, for example, to fill the void. No don't do that. I am lucky that I have such a great mother who talked sense into me. By the same token, it is very important for us to surround ourselves with people who can talk sense into us. A strong family is important because it gives a strong foundation and makes you stable, which in turn helps you in your decision-making capability. I also saw some other youtube videos where people talk about assets that lose value (so they were not assets in the first place). They are liabilities. And I saw videos about assets that usually appreciate over time. If someone is into that kind of stuff, please youtube it yourself. However, buying a $70K vehicle is a liability. Please know that. If somebody really wants to try this. Then I ask you to use your existing vehicle and try out this lifestyle. If you don't have a vehicle, buy an old minivan that costs under $5K. And live in it for 6 months (both summer and winter) and see if you like it. Please know that we humans might have been hunters and nomadic in the past, but overwhelming majority of us decided to settle down long time ago. [I have gotten a lot of stick for saying this specially in this sub where most like to think otherwise, hence removed.] So it could be a phase you're going through. It will subside after a bit. To anyone who wants to try out this lifestyle, please watch this video to see the opposite of glamorous lifestyle #Vanlife "offers" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvOHjIGi30Y I am sorry to say that none of what I said is grounded on pure scientific research. All I said above is anecdotal as far as I am concerned. If you are not into anecdotal stuff, please ignore. It may come across as if I am bashing people of #Vanlife hashtag. I am not. If they are genuinely happy about this lifestyle and they are sharing it with others I think that's a good thing.