Jost Van Dyke Day TripHome to just a few hundred residents. Jost Van Dyke is one of the smallest of the British Virgin Islands (4mi x 2mi). It is rumored that the island got its name after a Dutch pirate that used to roam around the Islands. But who really knows? With powder white sand and turquoise waters, it is by far one of BVI’s most beautiful places to swim and snorkel. Definitely a daytrip kind of island for most tourists. However, there are a couple villas and an Inn if you choose to stay the night.   Getting There AIRPLANE- Unless you already live on one of the Virgin Islands, you will have to fly before you ferry over to Jost Van Dyke. We chose LIAT Airlines departing from St. Maarten only a 30-minute flight to Beef Island in Tortola. You could also fly to St. Thomas or St. John, which are U.S. Virgin Islands. It was baby Vi’s first time on an aircraft, so we were not sure how she was going to react. More on that on another post.   FERRY-  Depending from which island you are departing, the schedules will differ.  For the most part, all ferries will depart from Jost Van Dyke around 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. That’s pretty early in our book, only around 6 or7 hours to actually spend on the island which is not a lot of time.   From Tortola (25 min) – First boat For schedule HERE From St. John (35 min) – Last boat departs at 4 p.m. Mon, Tues, Wed and at 3 p.m. Fri, Sat, Sun For schedule HERE From St.Thomas (60 min)- First boat departs at 8:30 a.m. and last departs at 4:15 p.m. For schedule HERE *** Keep in mind that the schedules provided may change on a day-to-day basis (Caribbean style) so it would be best to contact them directly before going to a departure that has been cancelled or changed.      Courtesy of Flickr WATERSPORTS COMPANY- Another option is to book a day trip excursion through any water sports company. A benefit of this choice is that it can take the hassle out of planning the trip. Also, sometimes food, drinks and snorkel equipment may be included in packages. Something to take into consideration is that these tours are on a set schedule and have little flexibility. PRIVATE CHARTERS- This is of course the priciest of the options since it’s private. Which means that only your party will be on the catamaran. These private charters can customize your experience and like the watersports tour it can include drinks and food.  Where to go GRAND HARBOUR- This is right next to the ferry terminal. Definitely not as popular as White bay. Here you will find a few little shops, restaurants and of course the famous Foxy’s. At the end of the day after going to White Bay and eating at Foxy’s we actually walked to the terminal from here. It was only approximately a 20 minute walk.  Foxy’s in Jost Van Dyke FOXY’S- Became famous for their parties and had even been voted one of the top places to celebrate NYE. Foxy’s is not a place for kids at night. Charly has been to some crazy parties back in the day and can vouch for it. However, during the day it’s just like any other family friendly restaurant. Except with some very strong drinks. They have a cute little store that has so many great things. We wanted to buy everything!  White Bay- Jost Van Dyke WHITE BAY- A strip of beach with nothing but bars and restaurants. Although, we did see an ice cream shop! This is where all the action on Jost Van Dyke is and where you will find the famous Soggy Dollar Bar and One Love Bar and Grill. Since we went with a baby getting bat $%&# drunk was not at the top of our list. We did have a few drinks and relaxed on the beach, of course, but we mostly enjoyed swimming in the warm crystal-clear water.   SOGGY DOLLAR- There are two places we went in the BVI that claimed to have created the “Painkiller.” Which is very delicious potent rum drink that actually has levels you can choose from. The Soggy Dollar is one of those places so it has become a must when visiting Jost Van Dyke. Wherever this famous island drink was actually invented you cannot leave the Virgin Islands without sipping on one. Beware, you may only need one to forget your pains.   SEDDY’S ONE LOVE BAR- This is this the famous bar where Kenny Chesney’s “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem” was filmed in 2002. Prior to arriving, we had no idea that a famous country star filmed a video in tiny Jost Van Dyke. After watching the video we thought the song had more of a Hawaiian vibe. A steel pan in the background would have done the trick! Check out the video —-> HERE   Worth mentioning. HENDO’S HIDEOUT- We didn’t actually eat or drink here. But have read a lot of reviews after leaving the island that we considered worth mentioning. The place looks very sophisticated, not like a beach shack and the food is not your usual Caribbean BBQ. Be the judge for yourself check out their menu.   BUBBLY POOL- Like we mentioned before it’s a short stay when you just do the day trip since the ferries leave the island pretty early. Time just slipped out of our hands, or maybe we were too relaxed lounging in White Bay. Whatever the case, we didn’t have time to go to the Bubbly Pool. If the bar scene is not for you this is definitely the place for you at Jost Van Dyke.    If you still have questions about your future travels to Jost Van Dyke,  please comment below! We are happy to answer any questions to help you have an enjoyable stay. Happy Travels! Charly, Michelle & Baby V Save it on Pinterest