Google - how one search engine changed the world! #thehistoryofgoogleGoogle: How One Search Engine Changed The World / the history of google / story of google #historyofgooglesearch #googlehistory #storyofgoogle timestamps: 00:00 intro 00:18 history of google starts 02:00 how to handle the traffic? 04:17 google revenue stats 04:20 google diversity of poducts 05:30 history of google smartphones 06:16 future of google Today (the history of google video) we are going to check out how a small company started in a campus down rose to become one of the largest and most prominent companies in the world The history of Google begins at Stanford University in 1995 where the co-founders Sergey Bin and Larry Page were students. Here they developed a search algorithm that was initially called “BackRub”. This started turning around for Google when Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim wrote the duo a check for $100,000. This birthed Google Inc. and by 1998 the company had indexed over 60 million pages. The search engine proved to be better than competitors like, Hotbot, Yahoo!, and MSN. in this video you get information about: how has google changed the world,how google became the biggest search engine,how has google changed over time,history of google search,google's timeline,history of google,google history,the history of google,the history of google company,googles story,google company history,googles history,history google,story of google,history of google documentary,history google documentary,the story of google - documentary,history of google company, googe story documentary