BREAST TREATMENT TASK FORCE HOSTS A PRIVATE COCKTAIL EVENT AT PROSKAUSER ROSE LLP IN TIMES SQUARE.Breast Treatment Task Force hosts an intimate cocktail event at Proskauser Rose LLP in Times Square on October 17, 2018.  Breast Treatment Task Force (BTTF) supports free screening, diagnostics, and treatment for patients without access to insurance in New York City. The event was held at the 27th Floor event space in Proskauer Rose LLP in Times Square.  Guests enjoyed fine wines, delicious passed hors d'oeuvres , food stations, and specialty cocktail drinks along with neat items to bid on during the silent auction.    Proskauer Rose LLP has been hosting this event for four years and is generous with their support and resources. This law firm was also very helpful with getting help for Puerto Rico.  Janice Zaballero, Executive Director at BTTF & Senior Partner at Proskauer Rose LLP proudly spoke about the BTTF and the law firm's commitment to the organization.    About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12.4%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.  A number of women see a lump in their mammogram and do nothing because of finances. And 75% of these women thought about foregoing treatment to save money and about 40% of them actually have, which is a terrible situation.  Although there are a number of breast cancer organizations, donations usually go to advocacy or research, not direct care. Breast Treatment Task Force is the only group that provides diagnostics free of charge for the uninsured. The organization has provided more than $17 million in medical care for uninsured patients in NYC.  The costs of diagnostic follow-up services and treatments are extensive, often preventing low-income patients from obtaining the necessary treatment without the large medical debt. BTTF eliminates medical financial strains by offering the full range of breast care free of charge to uninsured patients.  The organization believes that all individuals should have access to breast cancer screening, diagnostic follow-up and treatment, regardless of age, race, financial status, and accessibility to health insurance.   Enrollment in BTTF programs is reserved for individuals who:  Reside in New York City (all five boroughs)  Live at 200% to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, or earn approximately $25,300 to $46,500 annually  Are uninsured  Are ineligible for Medicaid or other state or federal assistance  Are ineligible for New York State Cancer Services Programs (NYSCSP) due to age or other restrictions  Have costs of insurance coverage through New York State that exceed 8% of income  Additionally, BTTF helps facilitate valuable and otherwise inaccessible services in the following areas:  Mammograms for patients ages 35-39  MRI(s) unavailable to all NYSCSP patients (restrictions apply to all ages, all boroughs)  Mammograms for patients ages 40-49 impacted by continued NYSCSP budgetary restrictions  Diagnostic services for “under-insured” patients who would incur extreme medical debt or bankruptcy under existing coverage*  BTTF pays $100-$130 per mammogram. BTTF works closely with the Project Renewal Scan Van to best serve uninsured women in their communities and offers screenings on weekdays AND weekends to ensure access for all.  BTTF enrolls approximately 7-8 women in the diagnostic follow-up program.  BTTF establishes agreements with hospitals and imaging centers to receive reduced rates for diagnostic follow-up procedures. BTTF pays medical partners this fee structure below. All services are free to patients):  Unilateral Sonogram/Ultrasound: $100  Bilateral Sonogram: $125  Diagnostic Mammogram: $100  Fine Needle Aspiration: $400  MRI: $500  Core biopsy: $650  Stereotactic Biopsy: $750  Clinic Visit Charge: $0-150  BTTF facilitates free surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to patients that cannot access services through government programs. BTTF typically pays hospitals $3,500-$5,000 per patient for full treatment.  BTTF only funds standard treatment regimens at this time.  More about the organization can be found at: Contributing writer:  Mitchell Acks    Editor in chief:  Christine Lee  Photos:  Christine Lee