How Wealth Influences HealthWhy do more people die from heart attacks on Mondays than any other day? Especially in the employed. Especially in the USA, UK, and Australia. Especially in January? Why does Baltimore have a male life expectancy equivalent to Syria, and San Jose have a male life expectancy equivalent to Japan, when they're similarly sized cities in the United States? In this Bizarre Summary, I briefly explore research regarding the relationship between relative inequality, stress, and health disparities in wealthy market democracies. *This video has been demonetized- consider checking out my Patreon if you like what I'm doing: Further Reading: (tons of info here) Wilkinson, R. G., & Pickett, K. (2009). The spirit level: Why more equal societies almost always do better. London: Allen Lane. Wilkinson, R. G., and Pickett, K. E. (2017) The enemy between us: The psychological and social costs of inequality. Eur. J. Soc. Psychol., 47: 11– 24. Web: Dickerson SS, Kemeny ME. Acute stressors and cortisol responses: a theoretical integration and synthesis of laboratory research. Psychol Bull. 2004 May;130(3):355-91. Web: Lê-Scherban, F., Albrecht, S. S., Bertoni, A., Kandula, N., Mehta, N., & Diez Roux, A. V. (2016). Immigrant status and cardiovascular risk over time: results from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Annals of epidemiology, 26(6), 429–435. Web: I also highly recommend anything from Dr. Robert Sapolsky- "Stress: Portrait of a Killer" is on YouTube, as well as many of his lectures from Stanford.