10 Children With Real Superpowers10 Children With Real Superpowers ➤ Welcome to 10B, your #1 place for all your amazing videos that will inspire you everyday. So make sure to SUBSCRIBE and never miss a video! ➤ SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSNULArGuvbKyOlSwxsUh3g?sub_confirmation=1 If its mutant super powers fans want to see, there's no need to depend on some fictional, CGI- enhanced Marvel movie. There are very real people, especially kids, with very real gene-based super abilities all around us. If you think we are exaggerating, we are really not! These kids must have superpowers because there's literally no other way to explain it. Let’s have a look at 10 children with real superpowers. Wanna know who real life magneto, stick till the end. Let’s begin, shall we: Number 10.) Firestarter This little kid will put the likes of firestorm and phoenix to shame. Superheroes that are experts in a fire usually need to perform some action with their hands to create fire but this child only needs to spit the word “fire”. Emma tablate is a teen girl from the Philippines who, at the age of 3, was capable of making fire by just uttering the Filipino word that translates to “fire”. Very much like Daenerys Targaryen, except Emma doesn’t have any dragons. What she has is a psychic ability called Pyrokinesis which allows her to control fire with her mind. In an investigation, she demonstrates it and stuns even the police. Number 9. Autobiographer This will definitely blow your mind away, and also make you a little jealous! As we all know, Memory loss can be devastating. But imagine losing the ability to forget? When Aurelien Hayman was 11 years old, that’s precisely what happened, at least with regard to autobiographical events. Now an adult, he can describe any past moment from his life in incredible detail—from what he ate, to the temperature, to the music that was on the radio. In 2012, he was featured in a documentary titled, The Boy Who Can’t Forget. Number 8.) Giganta Has anyone noticed that kids are growing up too fast these days? One day these toddlers are crawling around and pooping everywhere, the next they are off to college. But a guy from Michigan has a totally different story to tell. Broc Brown from Michigan was 5ft 2in when he was still in kindergarten. At the age of 19, the boy measured an imposing 7ft 8 in. But most remarkably, Broc Brown never did stop growing. His growth rate was measured at 6in per year. You’d need a stool if you wished to take his measurements. If you are a fan of Dr. Bruce Banner, you immediately think of “the Hulk” when you see how remarkably tall and heavily built Broc Brown is. The boy is soft spoken and has a big heart; nothing like Bruce Banner’s alter-ego; Hulk. Unfortunately, unlike Dr. Banner, this kid cannot transform from giant to a regular-size teen. He’s always going to order size 28 shoes and tailor-made clothes. He’s always going to the tallest person in the room wherever he goes. Number 7. The Mathematician Let’s face it: mathematics isn’t many people’s forte. Truth be told, the only reason why most learners sit through those math classes is that they have to and will quickly switch to something else if presented with an opportunity. And for higher education, it’s usually well into the early twenties that you see someone get there. But for Ruth Lawrence, none of these mattered. When she was just nine, she gained an O-level in mathematics and went on to pass the Oxford University entrance examination in the same subject. At Oxford, she completed her bachelor's degree in record two instead of the usual three years and graduated with a first-class and special commendation – at the age of 13 years! What were you doing at 13? This first Bachelor's wasn't the end of it for her. She took another degree in Physics a year later and Doctor of Philosophy degree in mathematics the year after – all these at while she was barely twenty. That was more than 30 years ago. Where is Ruth Lawrence today? She’s now an associate professor at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics, a subsidiary of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Number 6.) Night vision This young boy from a remote village in China was born with sky-blue eyes; like those of a Siamese cat. His parents have black colored eyes as did their parents before them. As such, everyone was amazed to see that their son, Nong Youhui, had brilliant blue eyes. What’s remarkable is that the boy’s eyes turn a reflective neon green when a light is flashed on them. You only see this characteristic in cats and other nocturnal animals.