Mehcad Brooks - The Origins of Race - Kinetic TypographyA King, a Pope, and a Scholar walk into a bar... and racism was founded If you are interested in this topic, PLEASE listen to this episode, this man is one hell of a speaker: Full credit to Duncan Trussell and Mehcad Brooks for the audio above If you want to read a little on it I also recommend this: Its a bit long but its a worthwhile read Africa etymology source: Image Credits if it is not listed assume it is from the Smithsonian open free to use public domain archive ( or my own work (aka the background photo) Coin: cgb / CC BY-SA ( Zurara: Susete Evaristo / FAL Timbuktu manuscripts: Unknown author / Public domain Berber Trade with Timbuktu: Public Domain Background during dutch trading companies: Job Adriaenszoon Berckheyde / Public domain Background after that: Public Domain Slave: Louis Agassiz / Public domain A truly great supporting cast: Trailer screenshot / Public domain Boat background: Public Domain Other boat background: Wenceslaus Hollar / CC0 Bartolomé de las Casas: Public Domain I picked him as an example, albeit I note his history is a bit controversial. I think he is a good example of something hard to find; someone who advocated for the slave trade, and then during the early-mid 1500s after seeing the atrocities spoke out against both the slavery of Indigenous peoples in the Americas (a more popular anti-slavery movement) and African people (much harder to find at the time). Dutch East India flags: Public Domain Public Domain Gutenberg press: Public Domain Printing Press: takomabibelot / CC BY ( Paper animation help: Scared white man: Miscellaneous Items in High Demand, PPOC, Library of Congress / Public domain BLM: Public Domain --------- My Website: