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4. Voluntary Female Sterilization at 26: I Don't Want Kids by Modern Anarchy • A podcast on AnchorOn today's episode, we are bringing out a woman's personal story about voluntary sterlization as a form of permenant birth control out into the open with all the nitty-gritty details. Rae vulnerably discloses her experience obtaining the procedure and decision making process proudly and without shame. Together we talk about what a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy surgey is, how she found the information to obtain the procedure, and what the recovery process actually looked like for her. If you enjoyed today's podcast, then please subscribe, leave a review, or share this podcast with a friend! This helps us grow in the charts and reach other listeners. Or, support me by buying a coffee to fuel the making of this podcast. Supporting my work would mean the world to me. It is just me running all aspects of this show and your support allows me to keep the lights on and have the coffee energy to do this. I can't express to you how much this community means to me and to find others on this collective journey. (Buy Me a Coffee) Modern Anarchy Community: Instagram - Facebook - Resources to Learn More: Unwanted Sterlization and Eugenics - The Dark History of Forced Sterilization - 1999 Research Article on Regret - ACOG Committee Opinion - Danielle Jones, MD - Board certified ObGyn - Reddit Community - and Intro Song: Wild Wild Woman, Your Smith