The Ultimate Naval Civilization Mod GuideCiv VI: The Ultimate Naval Civilization Mod Guide by Morrowindnostalgia Introduction Hey r/civ ! I thought I'd share this little guide I've been working on. Why? I dunno, writing guides to my current video game obsessions is kind of a hobby of mine, so I figured I might as well share it with people who'd find it useful and/or interesting. My personal favourite thing to do in Civ VI is build up a vast naval empire. Unfortunately the base game doesn't make ocean-related activity very exciting, but thankfully there are dozens of mods that can enhance the experience. If you love building up naval empires in Civ VI, then you may already be familiar with many mods listed here - if not, then happy installing! Note: I will be linking the Steam Workshop links, but that does not mean they are only available on the workshop. Most mods mentioned have alternative download links or have been posted in other forums by the creators themselves. Cheers! - Morrowindnostalgia The Mods Visual Enhancements Tsunami Waves (Lite version here ) An absolutely brilliant mod that adds crashing waves against high coastal areas. Incredibly immersive, a great example of small changes that make a huge atmospheric difference. Vibrant Waters (Prettier Water Textures) // Prettier Lakes Two texture mods (by the same mod author as the above mod, no less) that makes the waters of Civ 6 appear more more beautiful and lively. City Canal Rework A minor visual overhaul that removes the canal graphic from coastal cities unless necessary. Additional Resources Sukritact‘s Oceans Easily one of the best ocean mods out there, Sukritact's Oceans implements a brand new game mode rich with fresh ocean resources and features to breathe new life to the sea. Also includes minor balance changes. For everyone tired of fishing whales and crabs, this is for you. Sukritact's Resources Honorable mention as it adds sharks as a resource (in addition to many other land-based resources). Coastline This neat little mod adds three new coastal features: Kelp, Mangroves, and Seagrass. Fully compatible with Sukritact's Oceans (if installed, Coastline will disable its Kelp feature in favour of the one from Sukritact's Oceans). New and Overhauled Districts More Maritime: Seaside Sectors Possibly my favourite mod in this list, this amazing add-on introduces new coastal districts with gorgeous models to your game, including a coastal variation of the Encampment district for your navy, as well as a new waterfront district for housing and food. Really makes your naval civ feel like a proper island nation. Better Coastal and Water Tiles In vanilla Civ VI, water tile yields are often unimpressive, giving little reason to invest in them and create coastal cities. This mod buffs harbors and coastal city centres, making them a worthy investment. JNR's District Expansion: Military Reworks as well as adds new buildings to the Encampment, Aerodrome, and most importantly, Harbor districts, giving new buffs and effects. Complete with gorgeous new models! JNR's District Expansion: Commerce Another instalment in the JNR District Expansion series, this add-on reworks and adds new buildings to the Commercial Hub, Aerodrome, and Harbor districts. Complete with neat new 3D models! JNR's Fresh Water Infrastructure Not exactly water related but close, this completely reworks the Aqueduct, Canal, and Dam districts, making them more useful of an investment. More Natural Wonders Terra Mirabilis A massive rework of natural wonders while also adding over 20 new ones, including several ocean-themed wonders for your civs to stumble upon out on sea. Sukritact's Great Blue Hole This cute mini-mod adds a new 1-tile reef natural wonder to the map. Bermuda Triangle ++ by p0kiehl Reworks the Bermuda Triangle natural wonder from the Maya & Gran Canaria Expansion Pack to make it more useable. Additional World Wonders World Wonders (Collection) A collection of new World Wonders to add to your game, several of which are ocean-themed. I'll leave the complete collection here, but if only the sea-based wonders interest you, then keep reading below. Temple of Poseidon by p0khiel Basically a recolored Temple of Artemis built around an ocean theme. Itsukushima Shrine (World Wonder) A beautiful world wonder that grants a standard adjacency to holy sites next to coastal regions. Burj Khalifa Semi-ocean related. A new skyscraper wonder that boosts oil rigs, oil wells, and oil mines within a certain radius of the construction. Religion Overhauls Religion Expanded This is a fantastic mod regardless if you plan on playing a naval civ or not. Overhauls religion by including countless new pantheons to follow (some of which are ocean-themed), as well as over 40 new beliefs, and unique models for temples plus an increased max religion number of 16. Highly recommended! Better Pantheons by p0kiehl Compatible with the above mod, this add-on makes a few gameplay changes to pantheons and also buffs the pantheons in order for the AI to make more appropriate choices in order to give you a proper challenge. Unit Expansions JNR's Unit Expansion: Naval (Project 6T) Introduces a number of new naval units to the game, adding some welcome variety in your naval fleet. Warfare Expanded A massive unit overhaul mod that includes several new naval units. Aircraft Carriers Perfected Technically not really a naval mod, but it reworks the aircraft carrier unit to act as a superior support unit to aircrafts. Gameplay Enhancements Secret Societies: Brigand Court One of my newest all-time favourite mods, this fantastic add-on introduces a new pirate-themed secret society to the game that grants unique bonuses to naval gameplay. Members of the secret society are granted a powerful and unique pirate ship unit to go raiding the high seas with, are given a new replacement for the lighthouse, are able to perform coastal raids with any naval unit, and are granted access to the treasure trove resource. CIVITAS City-States Expanded Regardless of whether playing a naval civ or not, this mod is well worth installing. It overhauls the city-states and also introduces several new ones, including a dozen Maritime City-States with unique ocean-themed bonuses to aid in building up your naval empire. First to Circumnavigate Reintroduces a game mechanic from Civ IV, granting your naval units a +1 movement boost if you are the first player to circumnavigate the globe. More Coastal Flooding A mod to help kickstart your aquatic apocalypse, with this installed, flooding coasts will be much more severe. Includes options for varying amount of flooding (I prefer 80% flooding). Fisheries ++ by p0kiehl Another buff to tall play, this add-on allows you to build Fisheries (as introduced in GS) further out to sea and not only on coastal regions. Build on Reefs Kind of cheating but hey, I don't judge. If your otherwise perfect coastal city planning is ruined by a single reef, allows you to build districts and wonders on top of it. New Maps Saph's Maps (Collection) An absolutely massive collection of quality maps to spice up your naval conquests. Many maps are island-themed with large amounts of water. There's too much to include each one individually, but a few certainly stand out - keep reading below. Saph's Mediterranean: Mare Nostrum (TSL) A gigantic collection of 21 maps in all sizes allowing you to conquer the Mediterranean, complete with a diverse range of landmass/oceans and features such as navigable rivers, balanced proportions, and True Start Location (TSL) support for dozens of civs and city-states (both vanilla and modded!). Saph's Maritime Asia: Indo-Pacific Supremacy (TSL) Similar to the above, this time taking place in the Indo-Pacific. As with Mare Nostrum, this mod includes support for TSL for both vanilla civs and modded civs and city states, as well as navigable rivers Saph's Maritime Asia: Strait of Malacca (TSL) Another entry in the Maritime Asia series, this is a cropped version of the mod above. Saph's Huge Philippines + Saph's Hawaii Two individual island maps that improve your island experience Custom and Overhauled Leaders & Civs CIVITAS Malaysia A custom civ with custom leaders (included in a separate mod) granting unique maritime bonuses including a unique renaissance era naval unit and harbor replacement. JFD's Civilizations and Leaders (Collection) A massive mod including both dozens of new civilizations and leaders, as well as overhauled civilizations and leaders included in the vanilla game. The mod collection is absolutely massive but some naval civilizations that stand out are included below. JFD's Chile Introduces Chile as a playable civ with several custom leaders. The mod includes a unique modern era naval unit, as well as a unique civilization ability focussed on culture bombs triggered upon improving tiles adjacent to coasts. JFD's Denmark Introduces Denmark as a playable civ with a dozen custom leaders. Denmark's unique civ abilities include a unique industrial naval unit and an ability focussed on faster border growth and loyalty boost in coastal cities, as well as a faster production boost to naval units when cities are at full loyalty. JFD's England Reworks England and Victoria with new civ and leader abilities and includes a handful of new custom leaders, two of which focus on naval buffs. JFD's Netherlands Reworks Netherlands and Wilhelmina with new civ and leader abilities as well as includes a handful of custom leaders (none of which focus on naval buffs, however). Civilizations Expanded A complete overhaul of every civilization and leader in the game, granting new and exciting changes to some of the naval civs and leaders available to play. Norway Rework + Phoenicia Rework by p0khiel Two overhauls of naval civs and leaders from the base game. Bonus: Guide to Naval Civs (Coming soon)