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2018 brutal Gang rape case in GermanySince I assume that most users in this group are not from Germany I wanted to share a case that happened in Germany two years ago and shook me to my core. It happened in a university city where I myself used to live while studying and there was another brutal student just 2 years earlier, where the victim got murdered. The gang rape involved a girl who went to a party and got drugged by a young man to a level where she wasn’t able to control her body anymore making her defenseless, and after he went outside with her, he dragged the woman into nearby bushes and raped her. As if it wasn’t worse enough, he left her lying in the bushes and went back inside of the club to call his friends and telling them that there was a defenseless girl outside waiting to get raped by them. And 11 other men did. They raped the girl in the bushes for HOURS. I can NOT wrap my head around HOW 11 men would say „ok cool, I’ll go out and rape her“ and not one of them thinking that this is a bad thing. A friend of mine said that if one of his friends came to him and said that, he would call the police and be disgusted and none of his friends would do anything other than help the woman and he could not understand how all of these young men went out to rape her. The process in court was something that made me throw up. Literally. With the rapists arguing that it was her fault and that she wanted it saying „f**k me“ etc. 10 of the 11 suspects got convicted The longest sentence for one man was 5,5 years. 7 others got 3-4 years Two didn’t get any sentence I think I don’t need to say how the victim is feeling and that she, until this day has not recovered from that night and most likely will never recover. How is it possible in our modern society that women are treated like that and raping is still not sentenced appropriately? What goes on in those men’s mind that they do what they did? Here is the link to the Wikipedia article And a newspaper article from a big German paper Edit: and an article on the second case in English language in case you are interest:freiburg rape/murder 2016