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January 2021 Work ShowcaseWe'd like to try something new! Each month, we'll highlight some of the best work submitted by our community. As an added bit of fun and competition, we've enabled voting on this post for you to choose your favourite piece of the month (the creator of the piece with the most votes will receive a custom, unique flair in recognition of their achievement). Hopefully you enjoy and please feel free to vote for your favourite :) 7-Eleven Rebrand , by u/cafecol Credit to u/cafecol u/cafecol shared this comprehensive rebrand of one of the West's more recognisable brands this month. There's impressive brand thinking here, with the three aspects of 7-Eleven's business getting distinct attention throughout the project without focussing only on one. This is done using colour, with the tricolour logo standing for each of the brand's sales sectors - colour-coding that then carries through into the products themselves. Typography is strong and reassuring, with the redesign as a whole exuding safety, comfort, and simplicity in the big, uncomplicated shapes and typefaces used. Perfect for a convenience store and petrol station. Kilmurry Football Club Crest , by u/p4tlindsay Credit to u/p4tlindsay This badge is for u/p4tlindsay 's local football club in Ireland. Inspired by the village church's stained glass window, the crest also features a large blue triangle at its centre, symbolising Mount Nephin which looms over the town. The vibrant design is reminiscent of retro European football kits from the 90s, setting the badge firmly in footballing heritage while also tying in the local area. Meanwhile, the bold black strokes, angular shapes, and chunky text give the design a modern feel. Analogue Design Pieces , by u/Nacht_Stern (more: 1 , 2 ) Credit to u/Nacht_Stern u/Nacht_Stern has posted a series of handmade designs this month using mixed media. The message behind the pieces is representing the delicate harmony/conflict between human and natural processes: both evolve side by side, but in different ways. The project also explores ideas of control in nature: are humans controlling nature, or is it controlling us? Using mixed media and traditional art techniques on concrete, the manmade canvas itself becomes part of the message. Aside from anything else, though, these are well-made, organic, fascinating designs that show the power of mixing your media - it doesn't all have to be done in Creative Cloud! I'm an especially big fan of the thought that's gone into the textures here, and the role they play in the final product. The texture of the finished product is often not considered by designers, but perhaps we should give greater thought to how a piece feels to the touch. Toshiba Motion Spot , by u/Wells_Fuego Credit to u/Wells_Fuego (click the link above to watch) u/Wells_Fuego created this motion graphic for Toshiba using Illustrator and After Effects, in order to educate businesses on the benefits of Toshiba's new Elera Commerce Platform. A professional project that a lot of students on this subreddit could learn from, the piece communicates clear, engaging, and dynamic messages about what could otherwise be a fairly dull topic. Difficult concepts are animated elegantly (note particularly how the data centre is animated in the screenshot above - a simple concept that communicates its humming activity well) and colours and type tie in to the Toshiba brand well. Timothy & Co. Tailors Branding , by u/MK_Creative_UK Credit to u/MK_Creative_UK Created some time ago for a UK-based tailors, u/MK_Creative_UK shares the logotype for Timothy & Co. Elegant and refined, the mark is at home on a small scale or a large one, in a variety of settings and contexts. The mark fits the brand well - serious, but (like a tailor) with a strong focus on quality construction and elegance of flow. The ampersand in the centre is a nice touch, visually fulfilling its purpose as a character by binding the monogram together. The black and silver colour scheme throughout is a nod to black tie formalwear. There was lots of other excellent work posted this month, and thanks must go to everyone who's not afraid to share what they've been working on with Reddit! We're looking forward to seeing what's posted in February - please follow the rules when posting to ensure your work isn't removed. Go ahead and vote for your favourite piece above, if you'd like. Once the poll closes in seven days we'll award a unique flair to the most-voted creator. Subreddit Redesign We've been discussing this on and off for some months but are aware that some people have wondered why the Graphic Design subreddit doesn't have custom assets (icon and sub banner). We'd therefore like to canvas the community: would you be open to a competition to design these assets? Winners would receive custom flairs and we can rotate through multiple submissions, if we receive enough interest. However, we're worried about seeming exploitative as we can't offer payment. Let us know your thoughts below :) Moderator Recruitment We're looking to bring in a couple more moderators to help us manage the high volume of activity on the subreddit and enforce the rules. If you're interested in moderatingplease apply here (will take between 5-10 mins). View Poll