5 Things Frugal People Spend Money On In FebruaryTiming is Everything! Knowing what to buy and when to buy can save you a whole lotta' moola. This month's 5 frugal favorites will be saving you hundreds of dollars on things that you use everyday, so be sure to stock up. If you like to save money, you'll definitely get more bang for your buck this month with these items. January is when retailers need to make room for new stock that will be arriving in the new year. You're gonna see some deep discounts on things that you use everyday. Check out these 5 Frugal Favorites that you'll want to take advantage of in February: WINTER APPAREL Summer apparel is going to start making it's way into stores this month, so expect to see winter apparel being marked down significantly. Also you'll find the prices of winter sports equipment, like snowboards and sleds being slashed. RELATED: 7 Things You Can Do To Stay Fit During the Winter OUTDOOR WINTER EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Are you in need of a new snow shovel or even a snow blower? How about some salt de-icer or stove pellets? The prices are going to drop way down this month in order to make room for summer lawn and garden supplies. SUMMER ACCESSORIES Spring break is just around the corner and retailers are slashing prices to celebrate. You'll find deals on things like hats, beach bags, sandals and sunglasses. RELATED: Summer Fun Beauty Products JEWELRY For Valentine's, jewelers like to discount their inventory to boost sales. However, it's the day after Valentine's that you'll really find the deals, especially in Valentine's inspired items. VALENTINE'S ITEMS AboValentine specific items, like candy, clothing and decorations are going to be everywhere this month. It's the day after Valentine's that you are going to find the best deals though. Many retailers begin slashing the prices the day after and continue slashing them until it's all gone.ut the topic RELATED: Valentine's Day Marshmallow Treats
Winter Glam Seashell SnowmanCelebrate the glamour of winter with this fun and playful Seashell Snowman. Using a nice painted backdrop, a little hot glue and some of the treasures that you collected on your last visit to the beach you can create your own seashell snowman. *I was given free product for this post by DecoArt. Lately I've been creating coastal decorations for my cottage in the South Carolina Lowcountry. I enjoy making unexpected things from seashells, sand, and Spanish moss- like sandy gingerbread men, angels, and this Winter Glam Seashell Snowman. Below is a sampling of coastal items I've made recently: Rustic Coastal Christmas CenterpieceHand Painted Coastal Christmas Cutting BoardShell Angel Christmas Tree TopperSand Fiddler Crab Coastal Christmas Tree Ornament The Winter Glam Seashell Snowman was fun and easy to assemble. You can add buttons, pearls, rhinestones and other materials to jazz him up even more. Materials: wooden board or signhot glue gun and glue stickssandseashellsModge Podge1″ sponge brush, 1/4″ flat brush, 1/4″ angle brushApple Barrel 2613E Caribbean, 20404 Black, 2605E Crimson, 20408E White, 20589E Harvest orangeDecoArt Red Nebula Galaxy Glitter, Silver Moon Galaxy Glitter (Thanks DecoArt!)acrylic sealer- get one with a gloss finish First, I painted my board with several coats of Caribbean using the 1″ sponge brush. You can use a hair dryer to hurry the drying process, if desired. I painted the shells for the eyes using the 1″ sponge brush and Black. Be sure to rinse your brushes in between colors. I used the 1/4″ angle brush to paint the nose Harvest Orange. Next, I glued the eyes and nose in place, then played around with the arrangement of the other shells. It's a good idea to do this before you apply the glue to the shells for the snowman's head, scarf, and body. Then, I squirted hot glue on the board, and added shells a few at a time. Make sure you pick off the extra hot glue strands afterwards. Also, if your project is going to be hung outside, it's better to use Elmer's Glue rather than hot glue. Items attached with hot glue fall off when it's cold outside- true story! I added some highlights to the eyes with the 1/4″ flat brush and White. I also painted the mouth with Crimson. I used the 1/4″ flat brush to add Red Nebula Glitter to the mouth and Silver Moon Glitter to everything else. For the final touch, I brushed Modge Podge along the bottom of my board with the 1″ sponge brush, then sprinkled sand on top. You're all done! I hope you enjoyed my Winter Glam Seashell Snowman project!