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WARNING: Aptos and Sui are VC controlled shitcoins. Retail will get rekt.I'm sure some of you may have heard about these new blockchains utilizing this new programming language called Move. Of which two projects are using, Aptos and Sui. Both have been created by ex-Diem leads from Facebook. The company making Sui just raised ~236 million dollars from all the big VC names with a 2 billion dollar valuation (FTX, Andreessen Horowitz, ...): ( ) The company making Aptos raised around ~350 million dollars from the same/similar big name VCs The Aptos CEO (who also worked at Facebook) already has done some sketchy shit: Do you really think this CEO who cheated someone out of equity gives a fuck in the slightest about creating a better, fairer, or more decentralized economic system? Go look at the price performance of any other coin that raised an equivalent amount of money (ICP, ALGO, EOS) and you'll see this is another attempt by insiders and VCs (who control a massive amount of the coins) to get in early so they can massively dump on retail when they list on every exchange at once. This is exactly what web3 is supposed to be against. There aren't supposed to be CEOs and massive insider power. VCs already have web2. If VCs end up controlling Web3 there is no actual web3. Don't be dumb and get rekt buying these coins in the future.