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How to Learn Deep Learning (when you’re not a computer science PhD)Talk video from meetup April 11, 2017 at the AWS office in SF. Huge thanks to Amazon for providing venue, food/drink, and video recording! https://www.meetup.com/SF-Bayarea-Machine-Learning/events/238740130/ Title: How to Learn Deep Learning (when you’re not a computer science PhD) Speaker: Rachel Thomas (fast.ai) Abstract: Many people claim that deep learning needs to be a highly exclusive field, saying that you must spend years studying advanced math before you even begin to attempt it. Jeremy Howard and I believed that this was just not true, so we set out to see if we could teach deep learning to coders (with no math prerequisites) in 7 part-time weeks. Our students are now using deep learning to identify chainsaw noise in endangered rain forests, create translation resources for Pakistani languages, reduce farmer suicides in India, diagnose breast cancer, and more. We wanted to help them get results fast, so we taught them in a code-centric, application-focused way. I’ll share what we learnt about how to learn deep learning effectively, so that you can set out on your own learning journey. Bio: Rachel Thomas has a math PhD from Duke and previously worked as a quant, a data scientist at Uber, and a full-stack software instructor at Hackbright. She has made the front page of Hacker News 4x, including for her posts If you think women in tech is just a pipeline issue, you haven’t been paying attention and Deep Learning: Not Just for Silicon Valley, and also writes an ask-a-data-scientist advice column. She co-founded fast.ai with the goal of making deep learning accessible to people from varied backgrounds outside of elite institutions, who are tackling problems in meaningful but low-resource areas, far from mainstream deep learning research.
GUN SHOPThis film shows 2,328 firearms, out of the 393 million currently in the US. Arranged in a dizzying 24 frames per second progression, from handguns to semi-automatic rifles, "Gun Shop" encourages viewers to critically examine America’s love affair with guns. Director Statement: Over the past few years I’ve learned the striking visual power of objects. The every day objects that surround us in our lives, or are displayed in the media, are a credible vehicle for expressing many ideas about our world, if organized to do so. They are very often mundane, but sometimes extraordinary. I discovered that a simple 24 frames per second juxtaposition and choreographed audio sync can bring these objects to life, creating a mesmerizing effect that has the distinct ability to convey complex ideas, and concise visual interpretations of culture, economics, personality and philosophy. Awards: Best Experimental 2019 ASIFA-East Best Professional 2019 ASIFA-San Francisco Jury Award 2019 Interfilm Berlin Best Documentary 2019 Literally Short Film Festival Honorable Mention 2019 Woods Hole Film Festival Best Experimental 2019 Florida Animation Festival Official Selection (partial): 2019 Annecy Animation Festival 2019 Stuttgart Animation Festival 2019 VIS Vienna Shorts 2019 Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, Portugal 2019 Badalona Film Festival, Spain 2019 Odense International Film Festival, Denmark 2019 Linoleum Festival, Ukraine 2019 Animasyros, Greece 2019 Breckenridge Film Festival 2019 Festival Stop Motion Montreal 2019 Port Townsend Film Festival 2019 Viborg Animation Festival 2019 Nashville Film Festival 2019 StopTrik Animation Festival 2019 I Castelli Animati 2019 Bend Film Festival 2019 Taichung Int. Animation Festival 2019 International Short Fest Cyprus 2019 New Orleans Film Festival 2019 Orlando Film Festival 2019 Wiesbaden Int. Festival Animation 2019 Big Cartoon Festival Moscow 2019 Savannah Film Festival 2019 Ojai Film Festival 2019 East Lansing Film Festival 2019 Interfilm Berlin
The Bird & the Whale by Carol Freeman**Online for a limited time** The Bird and the Whale is a story about a young whale struggling to find his voice. After straying too far from his family to explore a shipwreck, he discovers it's sole survivor, a caged songbird. Together they struggle to survive lost at sea. The Bird & the Whale was created using a near obsolete form of animation – paint-on-glass. It was created in Dublin, Ireland by indie stopmotion studio Paper Panther and a small majority female team. https://directorsnotes.com/2019/11/28/carol-freeman-the-bird-the-whale/ AWARDS Silver Screen Award, Best Animated Film, Young Director Awards, Cannes Lions, France ​Prix de P'tits Loups, Montréal Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Canada Best Kids, Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland Best Film for Children, Balkanima, Serbia Best Animated Short Film (Youth Jury). FANCINE, Spain Jury Citation: Excellence in Artistic Expression, Edmonton International Film Festival, Canada ​Prix de la Classe Jury Mezzo, Festival Plein la Bobine, France ​Silver, Best Animation, Rosh’d International Film Festival, Iran Best Animated Film, Festival de Menigoute, France Finalist, Short Animation, Indy Shorts, USA ​Festival Award, Chicago Irish Film Festival, Illinois, USA Best Animation, Oxford International Film Festival, UK Best Animation, 21 Islands International Film Festival, New York, USA ​Prix des Lycéens, 11th Festival de Cinéma d'Animation de Pontarlier, France ​Special Jury Prize, Fest Forward Animation Film, Oxford International Film Festival, Mississippi USA ​Best Animation / Best Design & Art Direction, Irish Animation Awards, Ireland ​Gold: Best Animated Film / Best New Director / Best Music, Kinsale Shark Awards, Ireland ​Best Animated Film, Young Director Awards, Ireland ​Best Animated Film / Best Writer / Best Producer, Crossover Film Festival, Virginia, USA Best Animated Film, Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival, New York, USA Best Short, Dublin Animation Film Festival, Ireland CREDITS Written & Directed by Carol Freeman Original Music by Chris McLoughlin Produced by Jonathan Clarke Paint-on-Glass Carol Freeman, Ciara Nolan, Caitlyn Rooke, Svetlana Sobcenko, Katie Sherlock, Kristina Yee, Chris McLoughlin Animation & Technical Supervisor Eimhin McNamara 2D Animation Manuel Galiana, Santiago Lopez Jover, Kenneth Ladekjaer, Anne Lou Erambert, Alessandra Sorrentino, Ciara Nolan Post Production Supervisor Chris McLoughlin Compositing Carol Freeman, Katie Sherlock, Ciara Nolan, Eimhin McNamara Colourist Matt Branton Post Production Facility Windmill Lane Post Production Sound Facilities Paul Lynch - Studio 4 Executive Producer for the Irish Film Board Emma Scott Executive Producer for RTÉ Pauline McNamara Shorts Co-ordinator for the Irish Film Board Jill McGregor CONTACT carol@paperpanther.ie thebirdandthewhale.com paperpanther.ie ​