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Run wild with the club kids of ChengduDocumentary filmmaker Ben Mullinkosson provides a no holds barred look at the skate culture and underground party communities of Chengdu—the capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan province. “They are free to get wild, explore their sexuality and make mistakes. Each person is figuring out answers to life’s questions.” Double Sexy introduces the audience to three of Chengdu’s countercultural residents who represent the beating heart of China’s capital of cool. Their disparate lives coalesce in this film that becomes a sympathetic spectator to their drunken antics, coarse conversation and clandestine pleasures. “It’s not until I started living in Chengdu and speaking Chinese that I realized the government is not an accurate reflection of the people of China,” says Mullinkosson who lives and works between Chengdu and LA. “The world is quick to dismiss any empathetic bridges that connects them to the individuals that comprise the largest country population on Earth. “The characters each have big dreams and are growing up in a place changing faster than almost any other city in the world,” Mullinkosson continues. “They are free—free in the sense that they go out, get wild, fall in love, explore their sexuality, make mistakes, and learn from the process. Each person is figuring out answers to life’s questions. “As a doc filmmaker I’m attracted to stories that help us understand each other and the world around us. I moved to Chengdu because I wanted to get a different perspective on the world and, after being here for a number of years, I’ve fallen in love with the complexities of the Chengdu underground party scene.” ___ Subscribe to NOWNESS here: Like NOWNESS on Facebook: Follow NOWNESS on Twitter: Daily exclusives for the culturally curious: Behind the scenes on Instagram: Curated stories on Tumblr: Inspiration on Pinterest: Staff Picks on Vimeo: Subscribe on Dailymotion: Follow NOWNESS on Google+:
Pakistan's Hidden Predators (Full Documentary) | Real StoriesIn towns and cities across Pakistan, tens of thousands of vulnerable young boys have become the victims of paedophile predators who seem to have nothing to fear from the law. It’s an open secret that few acknowledge publicly and even fewer want to do anything about. In a society where women are hidden from view and young girls deemed untouchable, the bus stations, truck stops and alleyways have become the hunting ground for perverted men to prey on the innocent. In one survey alone, 95% of truck drivers admitted having sex with boys was their favourite entertainment. At the main bus terminal in Peshawar, a makeshift hostel for drivers passing through is set up every evening with around twenty beds lying side by side. Some are occupied by men, some by boys, and some by both. Most boys have been procured by hostel owners like Hassan Deen: “When a kid is wandering the streets alone, we lure him in by telling him we’ll give him some food and a place to stay. Then we pass them on to the drivers.” In return for a pittance, the men can have sex with as many boys as they desire. Pedestrians stroll by as though nothing is amiss and police say they’re too busy fighting terrorists to have time for the children. Forever damaged and with no hope, many of the boys turn to drugs to numb the pain and sorrow. One of the boys we feature is 13-year-old Naeem. Having been gang-raped by four men when he was just 10, Naeem is now a child prostitute and abuser of younger boys himself. As he says: “Sometimes I wish I’d never been born.” “It’s one of the most sad and shameful aspects of our society. I have to say I’m totally embarrassed by this” Imran Khan, world-famous cricketer and leading Pakistani Politician. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: Follow us on Twitter for more - Facebook - Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from TVF International. Any queries, please contact us at: Produced by Clover Films