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What is the purpose Soaking Your Feet in Epsom SaltEpsom salt is well known as Himalayan salt. It is a great source of magnesium a. It carries the mineral composite of sulfate and magnesium. Epsom salt is normal table slat like our traditional salt. Normal salt is based on sodium rather than Epsom salt based on magnesium. Epsom salt breaks down into sulfate and magnesium when it mix in water. There are dozens of uses in beauty, health and household. Epsom salt is the cheapest source of magnesium. Himalayan salt used as a healing agent and pain reliever. When you soak foot or hot water bath with Epsom salt it reduce stress and work as detoxifying agent. It helps to remove toxins from your body. Now we talk about the Epsom salt foot soak remedy. How To Make And Use Epsom Salt Water : Fill your basin tub or bathtub with warm water. Add half cup of Epsom Salt in this tub. Wait 5 to 10 minute to dissolved salt in water. Add few drops of essential oil in tub ( peppermint, Lavender, eucalyptus Oil). Now dip your feet in this tub for 40 to 60 minutes. Massage on your heel to exfoliate dead cells. Use moisturizing cream on your feet after soak. When you come home from office with tired feet and you want to relieve pain. Dissolved Epsom salt easily absorbed through the skin. It remove all toxins from your body through your bloodstream. You can repeat this remedy twice a week. Precaution : When you soak feet in your salt water it may cause to dry your skin. To prevent from irritation and cracked skin after soak must moisturize your skin. If you feel any problem like pain or redness on your feet after bath try to consult a doctor for alternative treatment. Some Benefit of Foot Soak in Epsom Salt : There are many benefits to soak your feet in epsom salt water. It helps to reduce your stress. When your skin absorbed, it increase the magnesium and sulfate level in your bloodstream. Antibacterial and anti fungal properties of magnesium soothing and softening your skin. Magnesium in your body helps to promotes muscle function. It also reduce inflammation and produce more energy. Epsom Salt also use to exfoliate dead cells for heels and relief pain.
STOP CONSUMING LEMON WATER IN THE MORNING! MILLIONS PEOPLE MAKE THIS MISTAKE!What can significantly improve our overall health are lemons and that is wide-known all around the planet. Most people have trouble with consuming them because of their bitter taste and that is why almost everyone has the shaking feeling when they are consuming lemon. Lemon is a huge source of copper, iron, magnesium, electrolytes, potassium and vitamin C. It is rich in various supplements and has incredible health benefits. Lemon also contains tons of antioxidant and full of pack with Vitamin C. There is 100 gm fresh lemon juice has 88% Vitamin C 11% of fiber and 29 calories. Lemon is the best solution to cure many disease. Some Health Benefits of lemons : Good source of vitamin C : In citrus fruits lemon is best source of vitamin C. Antioxidant contains in lemons helps to protect our skin cell. Vitamin C may reduce the risk of heart stroke. Insulin resistance : Lemon improve the glucose level in blood. Improves your skin quality : Vitamin C in lemon a great way to reduce wrinkle, damage skin, aging and dry skin. Super Laxative : If daily use Lemon water it helps to prevent constipation. Bad Breath : Onion, garlic and fish foods are the cause of bad breath. You can use lemon water to avoid from bad breath by drinking it after meal. It also save from dry mouth that is another cause of bad breath. Prevent kidney stones : Citric acid in lemon a component of citrate that break the stone in kidney. Weight loss : Lemon water act best role to reduce weight. Taste : Lemon is a delicious taste which makes it extremely refreshing. Reduce joint and muscle pain : Drink lime water with hot water can be reduce the joint and muscle pain. There are too many other remedies in which lemon role is most important. Millions of people drink lemon water in the morning daily. They all think preparation of water lemon is simple but it is not too easy. Most people squeeze lemon in a mug and add some water in it. But this is wrong way to prepare lemon water. They did not use lemon properly. Many of them not know the most nutritious part of lemon. They throw the peels of lemons it means you waste the 50% power of lemons. In order to get best health benefits from lemons drink it consistently. How to Make Lemon Water Recipe : In this article we tell you how to prepare lemon water with without waste it nutritious. We Require : To prepare lemon water we require a 1 liter glass jug. 1 liter filtered water. 2 large fresh lemons or 3 lemons ( be careful not use artificial lemon juice from a bottle ). Preparation : First wash lemon and remove any sticker if present. Then cut the lemon in slice with a knife. Squeeze all lemons in the jug. Now add 1 liter water and don’t squeeze lemons slice much that it lose its round shape. Throw all slice in jug and shake the water with large handle spoon. Put this lemon water jug in refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours. Chill lemon water flavor is more stronger than normal cold. Now remove the slice of lemon from water and this infuse water is ready to serve. If you want more bright flavor you can add other fruits in water lemon jug like Strawberries, Oranges, Peaches, Pineapple. Now take a water glass add infuse water in it. Before serving add some new slice of lime and ice cubes. Now you can drink this infuse water. Best Time : Best time to drink lemon water in the morning on empty stomach. Some Important Notes: If your weight is more than 150 pound your can use this infuse water twice a day. It keeps your hydrate and healthy. Drink lemon water through straw. Because citric acid can be affect on your tooth enamel. You should rinse your mouth after drink lemon water. If you take water lemon more than twice a day that may cause of heartburn in some people. At night bed time if you drink warm lime water that keep you hydrate whole night and helps to remove all toxins from your body. It also helps to boost immune system. Women can be use water lemon in periods. you must try this lemon water recipe to significantly improve your health.