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Hand Sanitizer Sri Lanka - Best and Cheapest Hand Sanitizer Sri LankaHand Sanitizer Sri Lanka - Best and Cheapest Hand Sanitizer Sri Lanka Contact Us: 0728 794784 Hand Sanitizer Sri Lanka - Best and Cheapest Hand Sanitizer Sri Lanka More Details: https://lankaclean.com/hand-sanitizer-sri-lanka-2/ Introducing CLEAN & SAFE ( Hand Sanitizer Sri Lanka ) The number of hand sanitizer products is rapidly growing up. The busy environment in the modern world makes the health necessities of humans grow up day by day. But a good sanitizer must include a considerable quantity of alcohol, which is the active ingredient in sanitizers in killing germs. We are proud to tell you that "Clean And Safe" ( Hand Sanitizer Sri Lanka ) is a top-class sanitizer that is very effective in killing germs. Most of the sanitizers that we could see in the market today include chemicals that may be allergic to some people. But our production does not contain any chemical which is harmful to anyone. This is one of the very few brands of and sanitizers produced in Srilanka. And we are very proud to say that we have included some ingredients in our production , that are also used in Ayurvedic treatments such as alveolar, kohomba. So now you have a great hand sanitizer that would protect you from all the germs, which is produced in your own country. The motive of writing this article is to explain the importance of using a hand sanitizer and to introduce our high-quality sanitizer "Clean And Safe" in order to protect yourselves from this dangerous menace. Let's see the importance of using a sanitizer. Hand Sanitizer Sri Lanka - FEATURES & BENEFITS Available in Original Clear Kills 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 second Moisturizing with Kohomba Extract andVitamin E Convenient large pump for easy dispensing or refilling Perfect for high traffic areas Great for heavy users of hand sanitizer products Family Pack. 4L size for small businesses, retail shops, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, apartments, etc hand sanitizer sri lanka price : 4L - Rs. 4500/= Special Price For Bulk/Export Orders Contact Us : 0728 794784 More Details: https://lankaclean.com/hand-sanitizer-sri-lanka-2/ #HandSanitizerSriLanka