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Hunting Up a Good Time with LitezAllWhat's good, everybody? It's Craig and Julia Meyer, better known as @craig_meyer_hunt and @julia_meyer_ hunt on Instagram. We like to think that we're proof of that adage—you know, the one proclaiming that the couple who hunts together, stays together! The two of us enjoy spending time outdoors, whether we're hunting or staking out a new spot. We couldn't do it without our LitezAll products. Let us tell you a little more about our hobbies—and about the best flashlight we've ever had the pleasure to use! 1. Our Biggest Outdoor Passion   CRAIG Hunting is definitely my passion, but it goes farther than that. I enjoy hunting outside of my comfort zone—exploring new environments and hunting a variety of species. The challenge is to figure out the behavior and patterns of the animal I'm hunting an coming away victorious. My hunting career isn't easy, but that's the way I like it. The harder the struggle, the more memorable the success, but it's not about the destination or even the final result. It's the ride I take to get there, and that's something I can't do without the brightest flashlight, whether I use it for illumination or an emergency. JULIA I adore being outdoors, and hunting is my biggest passion. I don't know what I'd do without it. What's even more enjoyable is that I get to share my passion with my husband and my son! 2. Tracking Through the Forest    CRAIG You have to have a durable, heavy-duty tactical flashlight or a torch light when you hunt. Personally, I don't feel comfortable, prepared, or safe unless I have several light sources, like a waterproof flashlight, a keychain flashlight, and a lantern. Because I tend to hunt in places where help is far away, I need to be prepared for emergencies. I also need something bright enough to help me track the animals. JULIA Having a high-Lumen light is essential when I'm hunting. Out here in Texas, we do a lot of hunting in the evening and at night, especially if we're after hogs. Without a bright, strong tac light, we wouldn't be able to recover the animals that we harvest, and they'd go to waste. 3. Our LitezAll Faves   CRAIG Picking a single LitezAll light from my arsenal is pretty difficult because I rely on all of my lights for different things. If I could only have one LitezAll with me, I have to go with the Kube Light. The light is bright and robust, which is just what you need on the hunt. JULIA My favorite LitezAll is the Tactical 3000 flashlight no question. It's beyond durable. In fact, it easily withstands all the beatings that it's already gotten from me! 4. Overcoming the Obstacles   CRAIG I remember a winter evening during bow season. There was half a foot of powdery white snow covering the ground and it was only about 18 degrees (Fahrenheit, that is). My buddy Matt Pell was running the camera for me. About half an hour before dark came down, I arrowed a mature whitetail—a big sucker. It was a marginal shot with just a bit of blood. We didn't start the track until hours later, at which time I realized that I left my flashlight and my headlamp both back at the truck. Matt pulled out the Kube Light. I'd never seen one before. Since it was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand, I didn't take it seriously, and pushed for us to go back to the truck. Matt picked that moment to switch on the Kube, and it lit up the ground like the high beams on a truck. My jaw dropped. We kept on the track, and within two hours, we recovered my whitetail. We got the whole process on video, then did a photo shoot using the cube. I tell you, it behaved like a military flashlight. That brightness never dimmed or faded. I have to tell you, I made Matt leave his Kube with me. Didn't take long before it became a must-have carry. JULIA My tactical flashlight came in handy a few months ago. I was 8 ½ months pregnant and took down a hog with my crossbow. It was around midnight, so it was dead dark. The only way we were able to follow the blood trail and find my blonde sow was thanks to this flashlight. She was submerged in a creek, but we had no trouble finding her or her path. 5. Just the Facts CRAIG Most people don't know that my wife Julia and I film, photograph, and hunt together all over the country. We've been doing it together for ten years. When I'm not out hunting, I'm a full-time police officer, and I love my job. JULIA I used to saddle-break horses, and I've always wanted to breed bulls and broncos for the PBR. My future plan, once we buy land and settle down, is to rehabilitate livestock for the SPCA. We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little better because we certainly had fun sharing our lives with you! You can find out more about our hunting adventures @craig_meyer_hunt and @julia_meyer_hunt. See how we use our LitezAll torch lights on the regular.