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Living Room
by @tlccogoods
10 Home Decor Trends 2019 - What's In What's OutThings are becoming fancier every day and life is not just about being happy now. It’s all about elegant things and dramatic ideas so that every one of us can have a unique style of living. Home is placed to feel calm and tranquil. We need a place where the day can end in peace and all the worries of the harsh world clear away. The energy to face the new day comes from a well decorate and organized home. A shabby place may turn your mood into a full day of gloom. There are many intriguing home decor trends that can change our life and color schemes that may brighten the days if followed wisely. Do not lose your personality in copying other people. Be creative and consider the functionality factor first before the aesthetics. We can ignore the trends and go with our own creative ideas, that will be our own fashion of decorating the house. However, not all of us have the capability to develop new ideas and elegant designs for the house. For all those who want a trendy place but have no clue how here are some hot trends which followed us this year: Gorgeous and overpowering colors Low tones are not always the picture of elegance; you can use amazing new colors to get the results. If you are one of the people who love surprising everyone and want to be surprised as well, then you have to use such color combinations that can surprise you on entering the house every time. Obviously, you are not going to change the designs on a regular basis, the colors scheme has to be bold and adventurous such as hues of jade green and purple, with a hint of royal blue. Photo by BERNHARDT Restoration, Inc. Metallic Sheen Making various combinations of metal and use them in the limited but correct places will give the place an earthy and modern look. Imagine the use of some copper shades in the kitchen and bright silvery shades in the living room Design, it will add a special ambiance to your house. It is not suggested that metallic designs are applied everywhere. You can adopt the minimalistic approach and keep things simple. In this way, the extravagance of metallic shine will not damage the whole look. Photo by MANI & Co The dominance of Art Deco This is the most suggested trend in home décor because the furniture is usually embellished with Art Deco paints. The trend has made a major comeback in the year 2019 because it is a classical method to make things gorgeous. Walls are adorned with wooden frames of Art Deco to turn them into masterpieces. It may have some disadvantages such as early damages and chip off but the repairs can be conducted quite easily. Photo by GIL WALSH INTERIORS Soft pinks in the walls For the ladies, pink can never become old, the main purpose behind this theme is to let the soft side inside all of us to come out. Entering a place with soft hues of dull pink combined with some light greys will have an instant soothing effect. Grey cushions with pink embroidery are going to become a picture of elegance for the place. You can add some other colors according to the targeted personality of every room. Photo by Красюк Сергей 50s Classic Theme Reviving the old themes can make you a superstar in the social circle. Your friends will love to hang out in the place that resembles a 50s restaurant or a cruise ship. Surprisingly some people have incorporated the Titanic ship design in houses. This is just an example you can follow any decade from the last century to have an exciting décor for the house. Photo by Chris Dyson Architects Hints of Matte Black everywhere Are you interested in having a dark but soothing home ambiance? The answer for you is Black in the matte shade. Using this color in a few walls can make your house look like a Science fiction movie. If you feel that will be too daring, add a little decorative accessory of this color and enjoy the serene look. Photo by LDa Architecture & Interiors Grasping vintage wall decor Floral designs are mistaken to give the house a feminine image. If you are living with a family these vintage prints on the walls show a loving bond among all. Photo by Darlene Chimaliro Interior Design Velvet is love In this year we have seen that Velvet has become a big hit in the furniture section of home decoration. The plush look of a place can only be achieved by velvet because the stuff has a feel of luxury as well as comfort. You can design sofas, ottomans, and armchairs with the complimenting colors in velvet. However, curtains cannot be made of this fabric because it has a heavy feeling about it and will make the room look overstuffed. Photo by Georgina Gibson Interior Design Rose Gold accessories This color can never get old, but the way we use it can become outdated. The styles with a lot of rose gold decoration items can ruin the charm of this gorgeous color. Fixing the least bit of this shade in particular objects such as mirrors, wall hangings, table runners and the amount must be as less as possible. Photo by DS Interior Design Designing the landscape is essential You cannot focus all the energies on the interior while the outside view is boring and old. There are experts who will help in landscaping and lawn maintenance so that the house has a complete view of the mesmerizing garden from the outside and innovative trends form the inside. Not one dimension can change your house, all the areas need equal care and creativity. Use beautiful flowers and arrange the bed according to color gradient so that it looks like someone has opened up a giant painting palate in the garden. Photo by Studio H …