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I love how the fabric is often the star in mid 19th century dresses, like this sumptuous metallic and black silk circa 1850s. ViaIn the 1850s, Walt Whitman frequented an exhibition of Egyptian artifacts, now part of the Brooklyn Museum’s collection, calling it “a place to go when one would ponder and evolve great thoughts.”'Not married but willing to be!': men in love from the 1850s – in picturesMy great great great grandfather in Kansas City in the 1850sCased stereoscopic daguerreotype photos of a strongman entertainer posing with two Indian clubs, c. 1850s. The case also has a built-in Mascher stereoscope viewer.This! "In Central Park, about a mile from land that was once home to Seneca Village, a mostly black community forced out by the park’s creation in the 1850s, the city is planning a privately funded monument to a revered black family from that time."Which is your favourite? ✨ During the C.19 and the rise of the Aesthetic movement, jewellery design focused on naturalistic themes, with jewels made to resemble flowers and fruit. Delicate designs of the 1850s gave way to more complex compositions…A story of if the US didn't help Texas, and native states assisted by the Napoleonic regime were formed out of the north of Mexico in the 1850s. Lore is a little flimsy, so don't pay it much mind.Tag someone who you reckon could pull a pair of these off. Beautifully decorative leather boots like these were all the rage in the 1850s. We're loving that the unknown designer added tassels.The Veiled Virgin, Giovanni Strazza,1850sParisienne Walkways. These covered passages were an early form of shopping arcade built in Paris during the 19th century. Of the 150 built by the 1850s only a few remain. These passages connected 2 streets, were all paved, covered with glass ceilings, artificially illuminated, and privately owned.The cage crinoline is a hooped cage worn under petticoats in the 1850s/1860s to stiffen and extend the skirt. It was one of the first mass-produced fashions and was widely adopted by all societal classes. Read more at the link below!The latest fashion from Paris in 1859, showcasing the extreme sizes of women's skirts during the 1850s and 1860s. Add in layers upon layers of sumptuous materials, giant bows, flowers, and frilly details, and you have one heck of a fashion statement.An 1850s apartment in London had laminate flooring and halogen ceiling lights until now. http://t.co/j2VaeZiM7N http://t.co/srOMoQ3INmThe History of Banning High HeelsA slave and her owner - New Orleans, 1850sToday is WorldEnvironmentDay, theme "biodiversity". In 1850s, before it was denuded by archaeologists + tourism industry, 420 plant species grew on the Colosseum — all catalogued in amateur botanist Richard Deakin's Flora of the Colosseum of Rome (1855)nara transforms 1850s carpentry barn into fine restaurant in franceOld hotel building built in 1850’s .. Kentucky, USA1/6 plate daguerreotype from the 1850s. They are not identified.Daguerreotype portrait of an unidentified woman, 1850s.Tintype of a lovely couple, 1850s ✨Two rare locomotives from the 1850s lay preserved under 90 feet of waterMy 2xGreatGrandmother Eliza Mildred Edwards ine the 1850s...1870s and 1890sBeyond Oak Island: MILLIONS OF $$$ in Shipwrecked Treasure Found (Season 2)The children of King of Italy Victor Emmanuel II: (left to right) Maria Pia (future Queen of Portugal), Oddone, Umberto (future King of Italy Umberto I), Amedeo (future King of Spain), late 1850sInstructional Video for Django UnchainedHistorian spent several years writing a book about how gays were Executed in 1850s England. But it turns out that she misunderstood the legal term "Death Recorded," which was used for pardons and commutations. She handled it like a champ though, so props to her, and props to all my homie sexualsHow California Almost Split In Two (And If It Had Happened)How A Ferrari's Leather Car Seat Is Professionally Restored | RefurbishedSchumann wrote his last symphony in 1850. Only 3 years later, the great violinist Joseph Joachim introduced to the Schumann's a very young Brahms, here in a picture of the early 1850s with violinist Ede Remenyi (seated).✨💎 The oak leaves on this dazzling diamond tiara from the 1850s can be removed, and attached to a brooch or hair combs. Fancy!Opening July 23 at the @GettyMuseum, An Enduring Icon: Notre-Dame Cathedral celebrates the iconic structure in the wake of the fire that destroyed part of it last April. https://t.co/obtS3lM9B4 ⁠ 📷Édouard Baldus, Notre-Dame de Paris, 1850s. Courtesy The J. Paul Getty MuseumThe Undersea Cable That Linked The WorldGoing fishing in rural England (circa 1850s)Check out these daguerreotypes from the 1850s by Antoine-François-Jean Claudet and John Adams Whipple.  Both artists are credited for capturing some of the earliest photographs of the moon.nara transforms 1850s carpentry barn into fine restaurant in francePhoto of a grumpy young girl, 1850s ✨Kitchen with an exposed beam ceiling in a renovated 1850s row house, Fishtown, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaDaguerreotype from the 1850sThis is a photo of my Great Great Great Grandmother taken sometime after she came here from Ireland in the late 1850s and found in Moms stuff after she passed. I inherited a lamp that was hers as well. It’s tiny a tintype and in a case, if you zoom in you can see her smile.Glass ballot boxes were not the move. Though they represented transparency in the 1850s, corrupt political organizations, like Tammany Hall, were able to track how someone voted by the brightly-colored party tickets. More:Stone staircase from the 1850'sA Young Empress Elisabeth ( “Sissi” ) of Austria with her Irish Wolfhound “Shadow” , 1850sDaguerreotype of a woman holding her son, c. 1850sAbandoned railway tunnel in Northamptonshire? Built in the late 1850s and abandoned in the 1970’s.Why Did The Romans Cancel The Olympics For 1,502 Years? | Time Travels | Absolute HistoryIn this issue’s Around the World: During excavations at Tasmania’s Port Arthur penal colony, archaeologists uncovered a cache of silver shillings that a convict had buried in the 1850s in one of the prison complex’s workshops.Hand-coloured photography is the process of applying coloured dyes to black-and-white photos. In the early 1850s, German photographer Frederick Fiebig produced over 200 views of Kolkata. The result is one of the earliest detailed photographic studies of the city.I Made a Mid 19th Century Working Womans Dress. Pt 1Ambrotype of a young woman holding a parrot, c. 1850s ✨I love this picture, my 3rd Great-Grandfather. Born in the 1850s and died in the 1950s. His father was a Civil War vet.In the 1850s when most photographers couldn't achieve proper exposure of landscape and sky in a single photo, the dramatic effects of sunlight, clouds, and water in Gustave Le Gray's seascapes stunned his peers. Learn how he did it:Design for a fancy Victorian aquarium, 1850s – featured in Ocean Gardens (1857) by Henry Noel Humphreys. Learn more about "aquarium mania" and the man that began it all, Philip Henry Gosse, in @BrunnerBernd's essay "Bringing the Ocean Home" —old buildings built to the same building type of the 1850s made from wattle and daub, mud brick, and slab construction, More photos in the comments.Princess Louise of Prussia, Kaiser Wilhelm’s only daughter, dressed in the uniform of the Life Hussars. 1850s.My family COA pin from the 1850s. Sharvashidze Family.Group photo of some California miners. 1850s.Ambrotype of a young woman with a slight smile, wearing a fur hat and leather gloves, holding a riding crop, c. 1850s ✨A family portrait. Late 1840's or early 1850's. Sweden.This is the best known photograph of Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves, possibly the greatest lawman of the Old West. Born into slavery, the Arkansas native became a lauded, and legendary U.S. deputy marshal. circa. 1850s.New English: A Falling-Down 1850s Farmhouse in Westchester, Transformed by a Pair of DesignersKlemens von Metternich, former Austrian Foreign Minister and Chancellor 1850s

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