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Does anyone have a copy of this edition, with the Bruce Pennington cover art? I'd love a print-quality scan if so!Bruce PenningtonAsimov cover art by Ralph McQuarrie, Peter Jones, Bruce Pennington, and Fred Gambino.Bruce Pennington's cover art for Frank Herbert's 'Dune' seriesBruce Pennington’s 1974 cover to Trail of Cthulhu, by August DerlethBruce Pennington's cover art for "Equator" by Brian Aldiss, 1973.The Book of Frank Herbert (Panther, 1977). Art by Peter Jones although at first glance you could be forgiven for thinking it’s Bruce PenningtonBruce Pennington has the rare Double Helmet Reflection on a 1973 cover to Asimov’s ‘Space Ranger,’ thanks to a bug-eyed design that also incorporates two discrete oxygen tubes, one for each nostril.Bruce Pennington’s cover art for “The Airs of Earth” by Brian Aldiss, 1971.Bruce Pennington, 1974, for the cover to a Lovecraft collection, ‘Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos: Volume 2′Bruce PenningtonBruce Pennington cover art for The Canopy of Time, by Brian AldissBruce Pennington"2001" art by Bruce Pennington, printed in Science Fiction Monthly, January 1974.Bruce Pennington cover art for "The Interpreter" by Brian Aldiss, 1972.Bruce Pennington’s 1972 cover for the anthology ‘Beyond the Curtain of Dark’Bruce PenningtonBruce Pennington's cover art for Beyond This Horizon, by Robert A. Heinlein. (Panther Books, 1974).Bruce Pennington’s cover art for “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress” by Robert A. Heinlein, 1969.Dune book cover art by Bruce PenningtonDevastator (EMI Australia, 1977). Mind blowing art by Bruce Pennington, weird choice of music to match.Bruce Pennington’s 1982 cover art for The Sword of the Lictor, by Gene WolfeThe Canopy of Time by Brian Aldiss. Art by Bruce PenningtonUFOs. Art by David A Hardy, Gilbert Williams, Bruce Pennington, James NicholsArt by Bruce Pennington from Science Fiction Monthly vol 3 no 1 1976Arthur C. Clarke’s account of the writing of 2001 A Space Odyssey and his interactions with Stanley Kubrick. Art by Bruce Pennington (1972)The cylindrical interior world of Rama - Bruce Pennington (1973)Cover art for books by Arthur C. Clarke, born this day in 1917. Illustrations by Michael Whelan, Luigi Garonzi, Bruce Pennington, and Vincent Di Fate.Skulls by Michel Granger, Bruce Pennington, Ryan Hancock, Michael WhelanBruce PenningtonArt by Bruce Pennington 'Beyond This Horizon' (Robert A. Heinlein, 1973). Pic from Ultraterranium: The Paintings of Bruce PenningtonArt by Bruce Pennington from Science Fiction Monthly vol 3 no 1, 1976Bruce PenningtonArt by Bruce Pennington for books by Brian AldissFlying saucers by Paul Lehr, Tim White, Alex Schomburg, and Bruce Pennington.Bruce Pennington cover art for Isaac Asimov's "Pirates of the Asteroids," reprinted in Science Fiction Monthly, November 1975.Bruce Pennington’s 1979 cover to Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight1970 Dune cover art by Bruce PenningtonUFO art by Bruce Pennington x 2, Angus McKie, Steinar LundHalloween2018 Art by Gary Ruddell, Bruce Pennington, Michael Whelan, Steve R Dodd

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