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All Star Character Actor Pontiac Commercial (1969) Convicts played by ~ Lon Chaney Jr ~ Leo Gorcey ~ Mike Mazurki ~ Elisha Cook Jr ~ Robert Strauss ~ The Lawman is Played by Broderick Crawford [1:00]Peter Falk, best known as TV's COLUMBO, an unforgettable character actor remembered for dozens of roles in movies from the late 1950s on, e.g. THE GREAT RACE (1965), THE IN-LAWS (1979), WINGS OF DESIRE and THE PRINCESS BRIDE (both 1987). Worked often with his friend John Cassavetes.Crow: [Reads wall.] Jack Weston! Or…Orange? ** Jack Weston (1924-1996) was a heavyset character actor known for comedic roles. He played the resort owner in Dirty Dancing and an OCD dentist in The Four Seasons. ** MST3K #313 ~ Earth vs. the SpiderHOLLOW TRIUMPH ('48) features veteran character actor John Qualen. Qualen appeared in some of the greatest movies ever made, but his versatility allowed him to seem like a different man from picture to picture. See the film Saturday at 12:30am ET onJim Gaffigan: Self-Awareness Is Essential in Comedy and in Life| Big ThinkI just think it’s really funny that this article provides every character’s actor except Mr. Peanutbutter like he’s realI'm sorry to say Tony Selby has passed away. He was a superb character actor and brought charm, menace and a very wonderful stage presence to all of his work. He will be sorely missed.George W. Bush: Character ActorYou're Not in Kansas Anymore with Stephen Lang"THE CHRONICLES OF AMERICA: WOLFE AND MONTCALM" 1924 FRENCH & INDIAN WAR HISTORY FILM 19124Crow: Pepperidge Farm remembers!! Pepperidge Farm remembers!! The heck with it—I’m getting out of here, crackers or no! ** An imitation of character actor Parker Fennelly (1891-1988), whose thick New England accent became famous during the... ** MST3K Show 303 ~ Pod PeopleEccentric character actor, Timothy Carey, talks about the time he auditioned for the role of Don Fanucci in Godfather II. (1989)

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