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Breaking out of the Comfort ZoneStepped outside of my comfort zone here. 3D(ish) piece of my parents home for Christmas.The Interview | A Psychological Thriller Short Film by Barnaby Roper[COMP] WHEEL POSE practice. It is my first time coming out of my comfort zone and trying to share it with the world. Yoga has helped me discover myself, accept myself and cherish everything inside and what surrounds me.Elven girls and their girlfriends seem to be my comfort zone for art (art)“I just love how photography encourages me to go outside and experience the world outside of my comfort zone." Learn how Arne Grüber uses his camera to interpret and interact with the world around him —NowPlaying: Tapping into the adventurous spirit of free improvisation, "Dépaysement" by Lushlife ushers us past the limits of our comfort zone.Stepped out of my comfort zone and went slightly abstractSuburb Sunday / Really had to go out of my comfort zone for an environment study after a while, but it's been big fun!Lockdown has forced the art world out of its comfort zone. Artist Chila Kumari Singh Burman is optimistic that we are headed for a more equitable future:This is my first ever embroidery. Left my cross stitch comfort zone and had a great time. This was so much fun.Do you ever step out of your reading comfort zone? FB: https://t.co/Iqn1ZsCvAx MeWe:some really awesome coffins i wrapped! this shape was out of my comfort zone but im so proud of how they came out :-)August 16 is MOCA Music: HOODBOI + PROMNITE and COMFORT ZONE DJs at MOCA Geffen! The MOCA Music series is FREE with RSVP–https://t.co/wGeFr1H2lU@dmartnyc reveals his secrets to trying a new makeup look outside of your comfort zone: http://t.co/pHHDmdARAl http://t.co/mvDWBSZ64WDog with his comfort zone.Contest Season Strategy - Road to Rampage - Ep. 5Daredevil concept, getting out of the comfort zone with this styleThe Murlocs - Comfort Zone (Live on KEXP)Mental health win! Longest I’ve gone in 6 years. I pushed myself way out of my comfort zone today. These are absolutely baby steps but I’m really proud of this.I really jumped out of my comfort zone for this one, but I learned stuff so it was worth it.Stepping out of my comfort zone with this beautiful/ugly horse… I’ve never had much luck posting here - reddit is a tough crowd! :oA Rap deep dive list I made to get out of my comfort zone as a greasy metalhead (more in comments)Youness Amrani's "Comfort Zone" PartI was commissioned to paint psychedelic corn in the moonlight. A bit out of my comfort zone so suggestions welcome.After knitting a couple of scarves, I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and knit a cardigan!My comfort zone is this sofaOil painting portrait of Yasha, pushing out of my comfort zone.Comfort Zonemy 1st art commission: MS-06S Zaku II [Red Comet Ver.] not accurate to model. its my interpretation + out of my usual art "comfort zone." thought i'd share :)Out of comfort zone.wintery landscape oil painting, trying to push my comfort zone a bitGoing out of the 60s/70s comfort zone for one weekend of '80s/90s only...Comfort zoneI drew my farmer :) been feeling the artblock lately so this is something from my comfort zoneThe comfort zone- Vancouver Island[FO] Another before and after backstitch for you guys. Went a little outside my comfort zone but I think it turned out nice.My comfort zone, my safe spaceI got out of my comfort zone and bought some sparkly super fine yarn and wow I’m loving the way it’s working up!Happiness begins at the End of you Comfort Zone | Krish Shanghvi | TEDxCVSThe next MOCA Music featuring HOODBOI + PROMNITE and COMFORT ZONE DJs is Thursday, August 16 at MOCA Geffen! MOCA Music is FREE with RSVP–https://t.co/wGeFr1H2lUWent out of my comfort zone and drew a robot hand.My comfort zone 8aI pushed my comfort zone and painted this from a photo my brother took in Antarctica. I typically avoid rocky surfaces but I am glad I made thus attemptPortrait oil painting, trying to push my comfort zone a bitFirst piece I completely drafted myself. Went out of my comfort zone and I'm so pleased with it. It is a present for my cousin's baby, and I hope she can see the love in every stitch.I’m terribly anxious about posting this. I’ve always been more comfortable holding a pen/pencil but recently decided to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. It’s still a wip, but here’s one of my first attempts at watercolorGetting Players to Roleplay (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)tried doing something out of my comfort zoneSomething I've been working really hard on - trying to go outside my comfort zoneDid a portrait in profile to get a bit out of my comfort zone.Norwegian rock climber Magnus Midtbø leaves his comfort zone by agreeing to join American rock climber Alex Honnold on a free solo climbBeen trying to leave my comfort zone and am proud of this one. Cake tax.Comfort ZoneI'm usually a metal worker/welder but today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make a wooden sheath for a butcher knife of mine. It's not much but it's mine!Stepped out of my “hot press” comfort zone into this “cold press” journal 💕 today’s watercolour hand.My brother-in-law traded in his beloved Mountaineer last summer, so I went way out of my comfort zone to make him this hoop. He jokingly said this quote.Stepped out of my comfort zone with this oneHello. I'm out of my comfort zone showin my first attempt to sew a fly. I am a rookie in the broidery world and a I'm loving ittheir mental health > Your "comfort zone"

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