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(1999) Beastie Boys' version of "Start!" by The Jam. This video was released as multimedia content on the "Alive" CD single in 1999. The song was also released on "Fire & Skill: The Songs of The Jam" tribute album. It features Miho Hatori from Cibo Matto on vocals.QSF Columnist K.S. Trenten talks about how she deals with distraction when writing.Vilhelm Hammershøi - Room (Ida in an interior) (1897)Wanted to share my Santa Muerte altar, would love any advice/suggestions for improvementsA Compact 65m2 Apartment in Kiev Separated by Blue CurtainsOur altar all lit up for the Lunar EclipseMake a small cabinet out of a palletIt's a bit of a mystery, this abstract folding screen. At first it was known as 'Tents and Figures'. But now it's associated with bathing women. Let us know what you see. 🖌️ by painter & interior designer Vanessa Bell (1879 – 1961).Go Inside Norway's Luxurious Maximum-Security PrisonI made a proper display for my wooden Mjolnir. Turned out cooler than expected so I made an epic video of the build.An experienced woodworker making two similar kumiko lanternsMütter Minute: Hieronymi Fabricii Ab Aquapendente pub.1620Today is National Voter Registration Day! This "Rock The Vote" t-shirt was presented to President Clinton at a “Motor Voter” bill signing ceremony in 1993. It's part of our RightfullyHers exhibit. 1/6Still Life With the Clock, Shamil Nigmatullin, 1981PICPICThe making of a beautiful veneer cupboard with a very cool geometric pattern on the doors, from start to finish [25.09]What says "look at how smart, fancy, and well-traveled I am" more than a well-curated cabinet of curiosities? (Well, probably a few things—but let's focus on how cool this cabinet is.)How pots are gas fired in the kiln to 2354ºF in a reduction atmosphere.What do you get when you add a disappearing chair to a desk designed by Koloman Moser? Answer=a perfect equation of modern simplicity & geometry Our course European Art & Innovation covers all major art & design movements from Neoclassicism to Modernism:https://t.co/FqnH1qQTofToday’s FrankLloydWrightFridays illustration is by Christopher Corr—“The Guggenheim is unique, it's like a sculpture, a great symbol for the city, full of optimism and dynamism. Once you get inside the building it's such a surprise—it’s vast, full of light, and so spacious."mining bitcoin cash while I work on my man caveCasa Teo: A Minimalist Boutique Hotel by Enrique OlveraPICBunks and Corner-Posts (Boatbuilding / Tally Ho EP124)Found this map on a drawer in a restaurant. Behold, Latin America in south America and East Africa in north AfricaBasically my giant altar. I'm always reorganising it and getting lost inside of it.Rhode Island Desk and Bookcase Build Process by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers Part 1Made this to hold my books and various knick-knacks.Georges Rochegrosse - Marie Rochegrosse Dans La Salle À Manger (1904)PICPICRobot Furniture Makes One Room Feel Like ThreeA Trompe L'œil with a Young Nun peeking out through a Shutter, 19th Century, Unkown artist,Would this be okay to read? I found it in a cupboard in my house, and have been hoping for something like this but it was written in 1979 (so runs the risk of being painfully out of date)Another oil painting by my dad, everything is painted, including the wood grain.

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