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Yukon UFOs: Classic documentary about UFO sightings within the communities of the Yukon region.New documentary highlights plight of missing Black women and why their cases go ignoredProtesters in Denver facing up to 60 years in prison for peaceful demonstrations for Elijah McClain. - Full documentaryAncient Megaliths So Puzzling Their Precision, Origin and Meaning Are Still Unknown - an amazing documentary by DTTV studios.On The Way with Bo Haeng Sunim (RIP). Documentary from South KoreaIslamic Golden Age: The Scientific Method. Kings and Generals' animated historical documentary series on the Golden Age of Islam continues with a video describing the Muslim contributions to the scientific method, math, physics and chemistry.RIP Hal Holbrook — MARK TWAIN TONIGHT was one of the great pieces of performance art—evolving with the actor and his times. An unsparing documentary about his life as Twain can be seen here:Looking for something to do this lovely Monday evening? 🤔 Check out these 8 eye-opening environmental documentaries to stream onForgotten Documentary with Spectacular UFO Footage: "Messengers of Destiny"SHOWING NOW: the premiere of our new documentary MELT, featuring @astro_luca and @SusanneMecklen2 on ESAwebTV https://t.co/orLJSpCave in the Snow Documentary - The Story of Jetsunma Tenzin PalmoBuddha Rock Carvings: The 1,600 Year-old Records of Korean Buddhism [BTN Documentary]What did the Romans think about Race? DOCUMENTARYDocumentary - History of the Byzantine Empire[59:39]With R. Kelly docuseries, John Legend stands out by standing up.Boardly: Michigan Skateboarder Christiana SmithGiant archive of old VHS tapes that are archived into one place, documentaries and interviews and some prominent players in the history of UFO study.In Bed with Alia Shawkat: Broadly MeetsNew 2020 Cryptozoology Documentary [River Monsters]: Giant River Snake o...A video responding to Matt Walsh's documentary: What is a Woman?The Real Quiz - The Office - BBC"[It's] a documentary of the event from the POV of a goldfish in the Kool-Aid bowl” - Ben Van MeterI very much enjoyed this documentary, Zen for Nothing. What are some other Buddhist documentaries or movies which you recommend?Documentary on Dailymotion in English, on the Colares case 1977. Colares is the single case that has all elements in it. From UFOs to occupants. A must see.YouTube Censors Journalist's Insurrection Documentary Footage'Inside Israeli Apartheid' - a short documentary that breaks down what Apartheid means, and how it applies to Israel’s control over Palestinians.Fantastic 1972 documentary on the dissemination of Buddhism in China, and its subsequent historical and philosophical developmentA Year In The Life At The New York Times with Liz GarbusTeaching Cheetah Cubs to Play and Hunt | Fast Track to Freedom | BBC StudiosUnited States of Distraction [2020] - a documentary about the negative effects of social media on society, fake news, and how the panic over fake news is leading to censorship of the left. A film by Abby Martin.Buddha in Suburbia (Full Documentary)The Hungarian Revolution of 1956: History Matters (Short Animated Documentary)iOBEY- An homage to the greatest documentary of all time. - completed in Adobe PhotoshopSouth Ossetia-Georgia War Aftermath | Holidays in the Danger Zone | BBC StudiosBrutal Interrogation - Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder In Johannesburg - BBC“Israel, Palestine and the myth of the generous peace offers” (2021) | New documentary analysing the settler-colonial nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the myth of Palestinian intransigence during the peace process [00:51:29]Cheetah Family vs Springbok | Wild Africa | BBC StudiosGuru Rinpoche DocumentaryWho Cancelled Who: The Jordan Peterson DocumentaryDavid Brent's Life Philosophy | The Office | BBCSome More News: The Movie: The DocumentaryGuru in Disgrace - A documentary about Sogyal Rinpoche's abuses.Parasocial - a documentary series about parasocial relationships on YouTube featuring experts, YouTubers and usersDavid Brent's Dirty Picture | The Office | BBCBread of Heaven | Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow | BBC"The Wobblies" (1979). IWW Labor Union Documentary. Revolutionary Anticapitalist Industrial UnionismPictures from a supposedly unfinished documentary about the Denver airport, looking for more info on these.The Disappearance of the Norfolk Battalion: A Wartime Paranormal Mystery | Documentary (fixed)Amy Ziering Talks Campus Rape and Why No One Believes WomenGabrielle Union on Dealing with Divorce | High-Powered FailsParis Hilton made a documentary about being a survivor of the abusive "Troubled Teen" IndustryOperation Gladio (complete documentary)Brazilian Plastic Surgery: Beauty On a BudgetUnder Coven: The Witches of BushwickBen is Grilled by Jeremy Paxman | The Thick of It | BBC StudiosSourcing the Gunpowder | The Gunpowder Plot | BBC StudiosUgh. R. Kelly is threatening to sue Lifetime over a 6-part docuseries focusing on allegations of abuse.In Bed with Desiree Akhavan: Broadly MeetsIf you have Netflix do yourself a favor and watch “Steve Rinellas Stars in the Sky” It’s and incredibly well made hunting documentaryJ. Cole announces 'The Off-Season' Documentary Dropping tomorrow (5/10) at 1pm eastern.Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, and Goblins in Canadian Settler Folklore [Little People Documentary]

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