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I Tried To Buy A Sustainable Outfit For Under $100What yarn do you use for sweaters? I’m a knitter about to try my first crochet garment. Is it worth it to buy 100% wool or cotton, or is acrylic just fine?Business Attire Dress Code For Professional MenInteresting example of how communities and attitudes changed after strikes by Jewish Bakers and garment workers in 1909:OtD 5 Jan 1990 revolutionary feminist and garment worker Lola Iturbe died aged 87. She joined the @CNTsindicato union and threw herself into a lifetime of radical activity, including taking part in uprisings and the Spanish civil war and revolution.From the Edo period to street wear, the Kimono has been an enduring icon of fashion. Opening 29 Feb Kimono: Catwalk to Kyoto explores the evolving sartorial & social significance of the garment. Book now -Marly's Granny Square Cardigan Crochet Along Video 2 Motif and Join as You Go For Left HandedOne Garment’s Journey Through History https://t.co/SJPEBlFnv5 ✍️Finished my first garment! It's a bit wonky but I love it!Why Your Clothes Pill (& How to Remove Pilling) - Garment Care TipsAdvanced Knitting: Picot EdgesMy first garment! This took me forever and forever To make....The toga was a garment worn by men who were citizens of Rome which consisted of a single length of wool cloth cut in a semicircle and wrapped around the body of the wearer without any fastenings. The Roman toga was a clearly identifiable status symbol."Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly..." — Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 1963OtD 20 Nov 1896 Jewish garment worker organiser and anarchist Rose Pesotta was born in Ukraine. She was active in NYC, narrowly avoided deportation, and badly beaten by anti-union thugs, causing her permanent hearing loss, but did not give upThe garment that taught me what dye lots are...Designing Your Own DressOtD 14 May 1978, around 7,000 Bengalis marched from Brick Lane to Downing Street, London, in protest at the racist murder of garment worker Altab Ali earlier that month. This pamphlet recounts the anti-racist struggles in the area at that timeJean Paul Gaultier Spring 2020 - I can't explain how much I enjoy looking at this garment :DpixelsLoving the was this faux-knit crochet jumper turned out. My favorite garment that I’ve made so far ❤️Top 7 Tailoring Tips for Menswear - Advice on AlterationsMarly's Granny Square Cardigan Crochet Along Video 6Found a cheap garment rack on marketplace. It was going to go in the guest room. Instead, I rearranged my bedroom plants.How Pants Should Fit - Ultimate Guide To Mens Dress & Suit Trousers - Gentleman's GazetteGalway-born designer, Róisín Pierce, stitches stories of women’s resilience and strength into every garment she makes. See more:Rosalind Jana explores depictions of the trench coat – a utilitarian, glamorous, and enigmatic garment – through the Magnum archive: https://t.co/EceZeb1Fdy © Richard Kalvar / Magnum PhotosOtD 24 Apr 2013, the 8-storey Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1,000 garment workers, as bosses in the country's largest industry put profits before people50 Things About Sven Raphael Schneider - Gentleman's GazetteOtD 14 Feb 1898 Angela Bambace, revolutionary garment worker was born in Santos, Brazil. She moved to NYC, went to @iww meetings, organised a dressmakers strike in 1919 and organised with the ILGWU until her retirement aged 74OtD 20 Nov 1940 Harriot Stanton Blatch died. Disapproving of the conservatism of leading suffragists, she founded a group to reach out to working class women, recruiting factory and garment workers in NY's Lower East SideChatelaines were worn by woman from the late C18th to early C19th. This example has been mounted on a replica garment, made in house by our Textile Conservation team for our upcoming exhibition BagsInsideOut Book your ticket here:OtD 25 Apr 2013 100,000s of Bangladeshi garment workers walked out in protest at the previous day's building collapse which killed over 1,000. They barricaded roads, fought police and attacked factories, shops and garment bosses' HQOtD 23 Nov 1909 over 20,000 mostly female Jewish garment workers in NYC walked out on a general strike: the biggest stoppage of women workers in America to date. Facing severe repression, they held out for 11 weeks and won big concessionsJacket may be slightly too large <3 but learned a lot with my first garment!OtD 6 Dec 1965 Rose Pesotta, Russian Jewish anarchist garment worker, died in Miami. Leaving Russia in 1916 to avoid an arranged marriage, she found work in the textile industry and became one of America's first women union leaders.OtD 5 Feb 1913 17-year-old Jewish migrant garment worker Ida Breiman murdered by a sweatshop owner while on strike in Rochester, NY. She and 200 others struck for better pay & 8-hour day when boss opened fire killing her and wounding 3Seaming with Susan BatesSUGARPUSS SWIMWEAR 4K / Bikini swimwear fashion show / Los Angeles Swim Week 2022Marly's Granny Square Cardigan Crochet Along Video Join As You Go JAYGO Left HandedGiven all the fast fashion posts, here's a well priced granny square garmentOtD 26 Aug 1919 Fannie Sellins, former garment worker who became an organiser with the United Mine Workers of America, was killed by company thugs and sheriff's deputies during a coal strike in Pennsylvania as she tried to stop a miner from being beaten.Marly's Granny Square Cardigan Crochet Along Video Week 3 Edging Left HandNew! Our latest podcast is out now for everyone about two extremely influential South Korean worker organisers, Jeon Tae-il and Lee So-sun, and the autonomous self-organisation of women textile and garment workers in the country from the 1960s to the 80s:Japanese fashion designer Jotaro Saito combines western 'street style' with the iconic kimono. Marrying ancient tradition with contemporary design, Jotaro’s creations bring the historical garment into the C.21st. Learn more:This lion, deer, peacock and duck live on a satin coat from the 17th century. The garment would've been worn by a man of the Indian Mughal court. Find out more about Indian embroidery, one of the country's most prized textile traditions:Opening February 2020, Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk exhibition explores the cultural, social and satorial significance of kimonos. Showcasing rare kimonos dating as far back the 17th century to modern day interpretations of the iconic garment. Book now:A stunning example of Indian embroidery, this C.19th Jama is embellished with silver-gilt gota and sequins made from clipped jewel beetle elytron, (wing cases) that form the shape of a flower on the breast of the garment. Learn more about this process:Vivienne Westwood is known for parodying historical looks, like this revamp of Madame de Pompadour's crumpled-silk dress in François Boucher's painting. This asymmetric garment is from her 2003 Anglophilia collection:Marly's Granny Square Cardigan Crochet Along Video 1 Sizing and MeasurementsCrochet Along Video 6 Using the pattern as a template for crochet sweatersThe design of this C.19th kimono showcases the close connection between painting and textile arts that exists in Japan. The surface of the garment has acted as a kind of hanging scroll for the creation of a hand-painted and dyed image of cranes among pines and plum blossoms.In a rare interview, we talk to @shayneHBA as he debuts his first collection under @_anonymousclub. "If a garment isn’t bringing me to tears then I’m not interested" See more:Marly's Granny Square Cardigan Crochet Along Video Recap Week 1How To Spot A Cheap Suit - Gentleman's GazetteThe Surprisingly Recent Invention of the T-ShirtThis stunning 19th century kimono illustrates the close connection between painting and textiles in Japan. The surface of the garment acts as a scroll for the hand-painted cranes and plum blossoms. Discover More:Think punk, but also wedding chic Liberty commissioned Joe Casely-Hayford to create a garment for their display of wedding dresses by British designers in 1992. Using traditional materials but with fraying, patchwork, and metal rivets, he makes it entirely unconventional[FO] I'm first and foremost an amateur seamstress - have been interested in making clothes and such since age 3. So obviously this one needed to be stitched to adorn my craft room. Any other garment sewers about?Jogakbo is a traditional Korean patchwork technique using leftover scraps of fabric. This organza origami dress from Lie Sang-Bong reworks the jogakbo into a crisp, structural garment. See contemporary jogakbo in our reopened Korea gallery. Plus, here:This delicately patterned kimono was owned by Freddie Mercury and worn by the musician at home. In contrast to his flamboyant on-stage style, for which he sometimes wore boldly patterned kimono, this garment is quite subdued.Here comes the The style and design of a wedding ensemble can tell you a lot about the culture and period it was made in. From the materials, to the how the garment is made reveals hidden stories of tradition and personal history.The beauty is in the detail. This show stopping yellow satin silk dress by designer Laurence Xu merges contemporary design and whilst nodding to tradition and Chinese craftsmanship. Can you spot the dragon robe motifs on the garment?

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