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The Evolution of Kyber Crystals - Behind the Scenes of Star WarsRon Howard, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, Brian de Palma, George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, and Francis Ford Coppola at Lucas' 50th Birthday Party in 1994George Lucas and Mark Hamill on the set of A New Hope, 1977George Lucas' Super Live Adventure (1993) [1:36:00] [Japanese] [NO SUBS] [GRAIL FIND] [VHS CAM] Recording Of The Insane Keneth Feld Mash Up Stage Show Of George Lucas' Films: Willow, American Graffiti, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Tucker and The Star Wars Trilogy ~ Includes Behind The Scenes FootageStar Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - Making the Game | Hayden Christensen consulted the developers on lightsaber combat while George Lucas supervised some of the production (2005)Look at Life (1965) - George LucasHow the Tuskens Made Boba Fett StrongFandom and Charity | How Star Wars WorksGeorge Lucas's museum has acquired an archive tracing the creation of one of the biggest murals in the world by artist Judy Baca:What Happened to Coruscant During the Sequel Trilogy - Star Wars Explained Weekly Q&AStar Wars Celebration’s Tattoo Pavilion | How Star Wars WorksFan-built Droids | How Star Wars WorksGeorge Lucas Knew How Palpatine Would Create the Empire in 1977A Sunny Day in the Void Review and Analysis - The Clone Wars Chronological RewatchGraham meets STAR WARS - The Graham Norton Show - BBC OneHow Star Wars is Not Pro-WarGeorge Lucas interviewed by Carrie Fisher on her show 'Conversations From the Edge' ~ Oxygen Network ~ January 30 (2002) Star WarsCan You Get Jetlag from Hyperspace - Star Wars Explained #ShortsStar Wars Celebration 2015 | How Star Wars WorksThe Evolution of Han Solo - From Script to ScreenJapanese Panasonic commercial featuring George Lucas (1991)How Mark Hamill Started the 1138 Easter Egg - Star Wars Explained #ShortsConvention Consumables | How Star Wars WorksGeorge Lucas, David Bowie, and Jim Henson promotional picture for the movie "Labyrinth" (1986)What Does Balance in the Force Mean - Star Wars Explained Weekly Q&ACan Darth Vader Use Force Lightning - Star Wars Explained #ShortsOtD 2 Apr 1976 filming the 1st Star Wars movie began at Elstree Studios, UK. George Lucas was surprised by the working practices of the British crew, who started and finished work exactly on time, and took two tea breaks everyday, one at 11am and another at 4pmStar Wars: An MTV Movie Special - This special features the actors of the original films as they discuss the impact of Star Wars on popular culture. George Lucas appears to speak about the upcoming Special Editions (1997)Did You Know R2-D2's Name Came from American Graffiti - Star Wars Explained #ShortsDid You Know Star Wars Was the First Major Memorial Day Weekend Opening #ShortsThe Ultimate Star Wars Collection with Steve Sansweet | How Star Wars WorksLea Thompson with the title character in Howard the Duck, 1986. Produced by George Lucas, this first Marvel superhero movie was a critical and box office flop. Thompson retains affection for the film. According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter this year, she is trying to mount a reboot of it.George Lucas Always Knew C-3PO Was Built By A ChildWhy Didn't Chewbacca Get a Medal in Star Wars a New HopeThe Evolution of Jabba the Hutt - Original Concepts, Alternate Depictions, and More!The cash-strapped San Francisco Art Institute may sell a beloved Diego Rivera mural to George Lucas for his museum:Bringing Fans Together | How Star Wars Works5 Questions for Star Wars Fans | How Star Wars WorksBoba Fett and Anakin Were Almost Step Brothers - Star Wars Explained #ShortsGeorge Lucas's museum bought Robert Colescott's wry depiction of the American Revolution for $15.3 million at Sotheby's:Why C-3PO Doesn't Know Princess Leia in A New Hope - Star Wars Explained #ShortsDid You Know Luke's Original Reaction to the Deaths of Beru and Owen was MUCH More Emotional #ShortsBoba Fett Was Originally Going to Take Part in Order 66 - Star Wars Explained #ShortsSphere of Influence Review and Analysis - The Clone Wars Chronological RewatchDid You Know the Darksaber Almost Didn't Exist - Star Wars Explained #ShortsEven George Lucas Was Disappointed with Boba Fett's Death - Star Wars Explained #ShortsThe Origins of the 2187 Easter Egg in Star Wars - Star Wars Explained #ShortsSakaguchi and Kitase standing with The George LucasWhy THIS is George Lucas's Favorite Episode of The Clone WarsGermans & Star Wars! (Plus: Lighting, Indie vs. Mainstream, and... Batman?)George Lucas's Original Thoughts on Darth Vader's PastWhy Star Wars Movies ALWAYS Begin with, "A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...." - #ShortsChewbacca Almost Died Instead of Obi-Wan on the Death Star - Star Wars Explained #ShortsIs Luke the Chosen One?The Props and Costumes of The Force Awakens | How Star Wars WorksHayden Christensen’s FIRST Star Wars Interview (Flashback)Why the Hutt Homeworld is a Swampy MessCan Sith Become Force Ghosts - Star Wars Explained #ShortsDid You Know Vader's Funeral Almost Wasn't In Return of the Jedi - Star Wars Explained #ShortsStar Trek and Star Wars: What's the Same - Star Wars MinuteGeorge Lucas Knew Most of Han Solo's Backstory in 1977George Lucas's Original Ideas for Leia's Backstory from 1977George Lucas's Favorite Episode of The Clone Wars - Star Wars Explained #ShortsKate Capshaw, Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford (1984)

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