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Pretty lucrative day for the guerrillas I'd say.Can One Man Make A Difference To Education In Colombia?FARC Guerrillas Demobilizing in Colombia - AFP photographer @RAULARBOLEDA recently spent time at a remote FARC campIn Altnaveigh, Northern Ireland, IRA guerrillas murder six Protestant civilians and burn several homes. Ireland recently gained provisional freedom, but deep divisions remain across the island.OtD 16 Nov 1989 6 Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter were killed by the US-backed military in El Salvador for being "subversive". Troops then tried to make the murders look like the work of left-wing guerrillasThe Coca Farmers Suffering in the Colombian War (1999)Anti-Soviet Lithuanian guerrillas (from left to right) Klemensas Širvys-Sakalas, Juozas Lukša-Skirmantas and Benediktas Trumpys-Rytis in the forest circa 1949.When guerrillas held nearly 60 hostages in the Dominican Republic Embassy in Colombia, one of the guests held there was reported, on this day in 1980, to be a professional "moocher", who crashed a party on the day of the attack for the free food and drinksHaving a smoke with my fellow guerrillas.Colombia In My Arms | Trailer | Available NowOtD 24 Feb 1950 anarchist Manuel Sabate Llopart was executed by Spanish dictatorship in revenge for the activities of his siblings, Francesc and Jose, who were also anti-Franco guerrillasFalintil Guerrillas, East Timor, March 1999, photo by Vince BevanHamazasp, an Armenian fedayee military commander and member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation who helped stage last week’s uprising, is brutally hacked to death by Bolshevik guerrillas.The Kurdish Female Guerrillas Fighting ISIS (2022) - The documentary shows the prepartions and daily life of freedom fighters who went to fight ISIS on Sinjar, 2014. [01:26:30]OtD 6 May 1972 three Turkish revolutionary urban guerrillas, Deniz Gezmis, Huseyin Inan and Yusuf Aslan (L-R) were executed for attempting to "overthrow the constitutional order". Years later, the Prime Minister at the time was assassinated in revengeGreek Guerrillas of the communist-led 42nd ELAS Regiment in Central Greece in the summer of 1944.Colombia Has Oil, And The West Is Interested (2001)

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