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The Declassified Special Operation Missions Of Nazi Germany | Last Secrets Of The Reich | TimelineSS leader Heinrich Himmler confronts a political prisoner in the Dachau workshops during an official inspection of this “model” camp by Nazi grandees on May 8, 1936.The ϟϟ and Wehrmacht Murder Inc. - War Against Humanity 017 - August 1941, Part 2Heinrich Himmler leads a large group of SS officers during a visit to Mauthausen concentration camp, June 1941;Himmler's Sniper Presentation Sauer 38H PistolChildhood Photo of Nazi War Criminal and SS reichsführer Heinrich Himmler , Dated Somewhere between 1900-1915.Captured German War Films (1945)U.S. NAVY RESTRICTED COMBAT BULLETIN #6 KAMIKAZES BAKA BOMB BATTLE OF NAHA POST V-E DAY 28004SS-1 - Himmler's CarOtD 9 Apr 1945, Georg Elser, a factory worker and folk musician who tried single-handedly to kill Hitler, was murdered in the Dachau concentration camp. He was killed on the orders of Himmler just a few days before its liberation. Short bio here:Head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, accompanied by an entourage of SS and Army personnel, inspects a prison camp for Soviet prisoners-of-war in occupied Minsk, August 1941.Months before the WW2 started: Feb 1939, Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsführer of the SS and Chief of the German Police, during his visit to Warsaw. He is accompanied by General Józef Zamorski, the Chief of the Polish State Police, and Hans von Moltke, the German Ambassador to PolandHimmler lying on the floor of British 2nd Army HQ after his suicide. May 23, 1945.Rally to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Annual Nazi Party Congress (1936)Heinrich Himmler Mushroom Hunting, 1942Let the Hunger Games Begin - WAH 049 - December 1942, Pt. 2Himmler's Mini-Wolf's Lair - SS HochwaldReichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler (Heinrich Luitpold Himmler, 1900-1945) presents Adolf Hitler (Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945) on the Fuhrer's birthday with figurines from the ALLACH porcelain manufactory. April 20, 1944Gigantic Parade Marks May Day In Moscow (1945)Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS, with his family. 1935Germans set fire to buildings in Warsaw after the end of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. "Every inhabitant must be killed, no prisoners may be taken. Warsaw is to be razed to the ground and thus an intimidating example for the whole of Europe is to be created"-Heinrich Himmler [Colorization]Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich in Vienna, 1938.(Left to right) Karl Wolff, Reinhard Heydrich, Adelchi Serena, Heinrich Himmler, Emilio De Bono, Rodolfo Graziani and Hans Georg von Mackensen at the funeral of Arturo Bocchini, head of the Italian police and of the OVRA, the Fascist secret police. Rome, 21 November 1940.Months before the WW2 began: Feb 1939, Heinrich Himmler and Kordian Zamorski in Warsaw. In Warsaw Himmler met with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Assistant Under Secretary of State (Arciszewski)010 - Molotov's Heel on Finland and the Phoney War - WW2 - 3 November, 1939 [IMPROVED]Heinrich Himmler Wearing the Decorated SS Uniform along with the duckbill Helmet at Hitler's 50th Birthday , 20 April 1939 ,A Russian POW stares down Heinrich Himmler. -1941Prisoner has a stare down with Heinrich Himmler.Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler on a visit to the Dachau concentration camp with his 12 year old daughter Gudrun, Nazi Germany, 1941.Himmler's UniformThe black sun mosaic in the Obergruppenführersaal, or General's Hall at Wewelsburg Castle, often dubbed "the Nazi Camelot" or "the real Castle Wolfenstein". Wewelsburg is a 17th century castle that was heavily remodelled by Heinrich Himmler during the Nazi era.Soviet deviant POW staring at Himmler in a POW camp in Minsk, 1941Nazi Leader's Daring Escape to Spain 1945Nazi Temple of Doom (2012) - in 2001, a 10-kg cauldron of pure gold was found at the bottom of Chiemsee lake. It seemed to be a priceless Celtic relic, but the truth would be far stranger, and would lead to Heinrich Himmler's dark occult rites in the heart of his Wewelsburg stronghold... [00:50:33]Heinrich Himmler - WW1 Soldier?Rump Reich - The Nazi Government in Power After VE-Day 1945Top Nazis "Everyday" VoicesKarl Friedrich Otto Wolff (13 May 1900 – 17 July 1984) was a high-ranking member of the Nazi SS, ultimately holding the rank of SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Waffen-SS. He became Chief of Personal Staff to the Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler and SS Liaison Officer to Adolf Hitler.Heinrich Himmler examines a captured T-34/76 tank during his inspection of SS-Division Das Reich, Soviet Union, April 1943How The Great Depression Turned Germans To Nazism | Germany's Fatal Attraction | TimelineRudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Philipp Bouhler, Fritz Todt, Reinhard Heydrich and Erich Ehrlinger meeting in Berlin, Germany to discuss plans to settle Eastern Europe, 20 Mar 1941. Source: German Federal ArchivesHeinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich in Vienna, March 1938 ,Nazi Princesses - The Fates of Top Nazis' Wives & Mistresses

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