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Abandoned casino on top of a mountain in Laos (photo taken by me in 2004)Surviving a Pathet Lao Prison | No Man Left BehindMy parents bought this cool tourism poster when they lived in Laos in the 70's, which I had framed.ລະດູບານໃໝ່ | New Spring - A rare 2h long propaganda film from Laos, featuring song, dance, and theatre (1976)A molar thought to have belonged to a Denisovan girl between the ages of four and eight at the time of her death has been discovered in a cave in the Annamite Mountains of Laos.1968 "OUTLOOK SOUTHEAST ASIA" VIETNAM WAR ERA ANTI-COMMUNIST FILM 67974Waiting for Customers -- Wet Market, Thakhek, Laos 2018 [0C]The Buffy Fish Owl lives in parts of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Burma, & Laos. It inhabits tropical forests close to water so that it has access to its favorite foods: fish, frogs, & crustaceans. The undersides of its toes are rough—& may aid in grasping slippery prey!Gordon Ramsay Makes a Laos-Inspired Piña ColadaMeet the WhitneyBiennial artist: Pao Houa Her. Her was born in Laos, and she and her family are Hmong, an Indigenous people who primarily live in Laos, Myanmar, southwest China, Thailand, and Vietnam. When she was a child, Her's family moved as refugees to St. Paul, Minnesota.My proposal for new countries. The red is Portugal and the gray is Laos. This benefits no one.MACV-SOG Team Leader John Stryker Meyer while clutching a CAR-15. SOG conducted Top Secret cross-border operations into Cambodia & Laos to obstruct the Ho-Chi-Minh supply route(s). Vietnam, 1968Study reveals loss of Laos’s final tigers. Even bountiful habitat will not save species if poaching cannot be stoppedGilded reliefs and golden door of Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham, an 18th-century Buddhist temple in Luang Prabang, LaosHmong children travel on foot from a cave where their family stayed overnight during their flight from renewed fighting in the Long Cheng secret base area and the Plain of Jars in Laos in February 1971. | Photo Horst FaasOn this day in 1968, the United States and its allies began a massive assault on the Ashau Valley, a North Vietnamese stronghold near Laos.Vaccine proves effective against the most severe type of pneumonia: A pneumococcal vaccine was effective at protecting children in Laos against the most severe type of pneumonia, a new study has foundIn Cambodia, a City of Towering Temples in the Forest | National GeographicWomen Riders World Relay -Thailand Edition. Sharing this in honour of International Women's Day. The WRWR in 2019 and was the worlds largest motorcycle relay. I was on the Thailand ride supporting my friend Wasa, who collected the baton at the Thai/Myanmar border and delivered to the Laos side.RISE OF NATIONALISM & COMMUNISM IN ASIA 1957 EDUCATIONAL FILM 52414Kuang Si Falls in Laos14 Reasons Sun Bears Are Your New Favourite Animal | Bears About The House | BBC EarthCIA pilots, Laos, 1969. Known as Ravens, they were recruited from the US Air Force, scrubbed of their identities, and employed to conduct close air support, fire control, and other covert missions in aid of Hmong forces.B-52 BOMBER OPERATION ARC LIGHT 1965 GUAM TO VIETNAM BOMBING MISSIONS 21794Protecting the Sun Bears of Borneo | National GeographicA soldier of the North Vietnamese army letting a marine from the South Vietnamese army drink from his canteen during Operation Lam Son 719. Laos 1971News Wrap: Congress approves $2 billion in emergency spending for Capitol securityA Hmong girl in Laos, c. 1900The Secret War in Laos | No Man Left BehindThe Meth Warlords of the Golden Triangle | The War on DrugsGordon Ramsay Goes Cast Net Fishing in Laos | Gordon Ramsay: UnchartedBomb Hunting in Laos! | World's Most Dangerous Roads | BBC StudiosReleasing Rescued Animals Back Into The Wild | BBC EarthExplore the Stunning Beauty of Laos's Louangphrabang | National GeographicVIETNAM WAR 8mm HOME MOVIES SHOT IN LAOS BY RAVENS KRT 74984Culture Clashes With Tourists In LaosDoes Monday have you feeling like the Hodgson's Frogmouth? You might come across this bird in parts of southeast Asia, such as India and Laos. It inhabits forests, where it feeds on moths and beetles.The Fight to Stop Illegal Bear Trafficking in Southeast Asia | National GeographicThe partition of Laos and Cambodia (1922): An Indochina without FranceThe sudden realization that it’s nearing the end of July might have you relating to this Buffy Fish Owl.😮 It lives in tropical forests, usually close to water, in parts of Southeast Asia including Burma, & Laos. Some of its favorite foods include fish, frogs, & crustaceans!A wall of water, unleashed by a dam failure, roared through a half-dozen rural villages in Laos, sweeping away hundreds of people in its torrents.Smiling lady, Vang Vieng, Laos. (Image - David Noton).The Plain of Jars, located in central Laos, gets its name from more than 2100 tubular-shaped megalithic stone jars used for funerary practices in the iron age. Researchers, using optically stimulated luminescence, determined that the jars were put in place as early as 1240 to 660 BCThe Crocodile Stone is a peculiar rock, located in the Vat Phou Temple complex in Laos, that contains the carving of a crocodile. It was possibly the site of an annual human sacrifice in pre-Angkorian times (before the 9th century CE)The Man Behind Laos's Most Powerful Logging Company (1996)In Laos, a Boom, and Then, ‘The Water Is Coming!’Did you know that Southeast Asia’s Greater Mekong region, which includes Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Vietnam, is home to a remarkable 44 species of primates? Learn more:5 Authentic Lao Dishes From A Lao ChefLeaders of communist factions of Indochina meeting in 1966. From left: Kaysone Phomvihane (Laos), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) and Pol Pot (Cambodia)U.S. AIR FORCE AIR STRIKES IN NORTH VIETNAM in 1966 BOMBING OF HANOI 23384The Kissinger Trial (2022) Why Henry Kissinger intentionally prolonged the Vietnam War, how he supported genocide in Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, how he supported a coup in Chile, and how he still profits from his nefarious activities to this very day [00:14:48]Damming the Mekong River (2010)LAOS AIR BASE // VIETNAM WAR HOME MOVIES SHOT BY RAVENS KRT 59704Huge, mysterious 2000-year-old urns in the "Plain of Jars" (Laos). Locals believe they were used by giants and not much research is put into it. They got bombed severely by US planes during Vietnam War, but survived mostly. There are craters and undetonated bombs found in the area today.65 giant sandstone jars, which reach as large as around ten feet tall and six feet wide, have been discovered at new sites in northeastern India during a survey of known jar sites. Similar jars have also been found in Laos and Indonesia.PBS NewsHour full episode, July 29, 2021ScambodiaWat Xieng Thong , Buddhist Temple in Laos.Hodgson's Frogmouth is a mood. Can you relate? You might come across this species in parts of Southeast Asia, including India, Myanmar, and Laos. It inhabits forests, where it feeds moths and beetles. [: lonelyshrimp, CC0 1.0, flickr]110 new species were recorded throughout Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Learn more:

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