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'I've seen grown men cry' – why Avatar: The Last Airbender still touches millionsI saw this Lion Turtle on my way go Paraguay today... Amazing island in the Paraná river.A big roaring flame!Was driving by Yi Sun-Shin statue in Seoul. 7yo son said its avatar Roku :)She's never there...Here are screenshots to the now lost Avatar the Last Airbender online game titled Avatar: Legends of the Arena in which you could create your character and fight other playersThis is probably one of my worst nightmares and Sokka didn't even care...Peak Sibling RelationshipGotta give him some more creditYour flirting with someone, what avatar line do you use as a pick up line?The Last Airbender meets the Witcher at a ghibli set but its Hogwarts themed...ATLA Live action cost 15 MILLION PER EPISODE!What happen Korra!I'll be honest and say i didn't notice. But still, the details are phenomenal.every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender - BOOK 2Your opinion of the saddest scene in Avatar. Mine is when the song, "Come Little Soldier Boy", comes on[@Zachdonn] I just got a stylized Azula tattoo.The True MVPThird session! Corey Pogue Proxima Artistry Collective Kingston PAHow do you feel about my tier list?Avatar KyoshiDo you see the theme?every time.Even more ATLA movies announced! [Rufftoon]I have a gripe: Why in the WORLD were the Dai Li still allowed to stay active after Aangs time? The new world leaders shouldve disbanded them and integrated a new system in place. Like seriously, what reasoning is behind keeping them active aside from "Well Avatar Kiyoshi"Damn! The old Nickelodeon website did Iroh dirty.My Bolin cosplay! Earth is my favorite elementThe significance of this scene (Quote is from The Rise of Kyoshi book)She really Forced herself to learn a whole new way of bending, just cause 2 people told her she couldn't,I swear,Toph is too much.Missed joke potentialTerry Pratchett (Writer of Discworld) forged his own meteorite sword to be knighted.Did not know this existed and could not pass it up! Who wouldn't, am I right??my graduation cap!hi guys. i did a speed paint of zuko :)Really makes ya think?Suki Cosplay from Avatar: The Last Airbenderevery episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender - BOOK 3This is probably just a stretch or already pointed out but I just noticed that in this scene, Roku, suspended by Air, was trying to avoid conflict by sparing Sozin, while Sozin, suspended by Earth, was firm until the end with his vision. The two elements nicely symbolize their differences.At SDCC 2008, the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender created an animated short making fun of shippers made entirely out of fan art they received over the years. (2008)Reminder to Everyone. Be the Kind of Person that Uncle Iroh knows you can be.Old Friends [Ash & Starlight]Just got my first tattoo. I thought I’d share it with you guysWhen Toph and Suki were doing it, Toph might have been able to see the whole thing...Wholesome RelationshipIs it still ok to post Seinfeld memes here?Sokka the homie for taking a rightPut RESPECT On (ATLA & LOK) Name BRUH ✌My ex painted this for me before we broke upOr it's because they don't ? Thermal energy is all around us at all times, just like air, water, and earth. What do you think ?Young Aang and AppaShe lost because of bad spawn

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