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💫 @MarsCuriosity is on a mile-long road trip to explore higher ground on Mount Sharp, which may offer new clues to how the planet changed from Earth-like, with lakes and a thick atmosphere, to the nearly-airless, freezing desert it is today.Top 10 Mind-Blowing Images From MarsLayered Rocks near Mount Sharp on MarsCuriosity rover is heading towards hills at the base of Mount Sharp. I made this photomontage to better grasp their scale, featuring Statue of Liberty, Matt Damon from the Martian and Curiosity itself. The martian panorama is a merge of a high-definition RMI mosaic and a low-def taken with MastCam.This is the Martian surface, up-close, taken personally by @MarsCuriosity at the base of Mount Sharp OTD in 2014. An analysis of the sediment supports that this area may have once been the bottom of a lake! To learn more:Moonset over Mars -- Phobos sets behind Mount Sharp on Mars. The image was captured by Curiosity's Mastcam in April 2014 and processed by Justin Cowart.Meet Curiosity Rover's Brother, "Scarecrow"Mars Up Close, Part 3: Ken Edgett | Nat Geo LiveAn ancient lake stood where Mount Sharp is now. The water's source remains a mystery. smh http://t.co/bmIxqnwWOw http://t.co/3WDDWgpxIcGoals for 2014: Finish driving to Mars' Mount Sharp & do all the science I can. resolutions http://t.co/M48IbqpJSQGreetings from Mars! Here's what's up in the foothills of Mount Sharp http://t.co/yHfjPvN1S0 JourneyToMars http://t.co/rIajGaALNuJust keep roving, roving, roving. I’m on a mile-long quest around deep sand to study a part of Mount Sharp called the "sulfate-bearing unit." It may give more clues how climate on Mars and its prospects for life changed nearly 3 billion years ago.Nasa's Curiosity rover spotted trundling up Mount Sharp by Mars OribiterHow did Mars' Mount Sharp come to be? The answer, dear Watson, is sedimentary. http://t.co/BgkkhoNDMM http://t.co/QTyvBEfou3Moon Phobos setting behind Mount Sharp on a cloudy Martian day,The foothills of Mount Sharp in a beautiful sunlight as Curiosity rover imaged them on 29 November 2013 at 4:00 pm Martian local time. This is a mosaic of 14 color calibrated pictures downloaded on the Planetary Data System. Curiosity rover is currently located on the extreme right of this panorama.I've gotta protect my wheels After spotting some “gator-back” rocks, I’ll be taking an alternate path as I continue to explore Mount Sharp. The wind-sharpened stones could cause serious damage to my wheels so it’s best to avoid them.Curiosity heads to active Martian dunes on This Week @NASA – November 20, 2015Curiosity looking towards the summit of Mount Sharp on MarsLook at the interesting rocks and hills I’ve seen while climbing Mount Sharp. It’s winter here, so skies aren't as dusty and I get a clear view down to Gale Crater's floor. The changing landscape may give insight into how this ancient lake dried up.Check it out: @NASA_Dawn found a peak on Ceres about as big as Mars' Mt Sharp/Aeolis Mons http://t.co/Naq5kYJtEo http://t.co/sBsAOwFOMQThe View from Here: Close-up look at my landscape shows striated ground, plus Mount Sharp on the horizon http://t.co/VgHh9Srh4U

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